Zack Cquares is a OC for the game Devil Beater.


Zack wears the flame suit of ???. He is wearing nerd glasses on his face, and has blue hair.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - Pulse pistol! Zack fires a tiny laser from his laser. The laser stuns the enemy for 2 seconds. 30 Damage. 1 Second
E - Drones! Assit me! Zack summons a drone next to him to help him. The max amount of drones you can have is 5. The drones fire lasers at the enemy. Drone's lasers deal 90 damage each laser. No cooldown
R - Flying Drone Zack jumps onto one of the drones. You can control where you want to fly to. 0 5 Seconds
F - MEGA PULSE! All of Zack's drones circle around the enemy, and stop him from moving. After a few seconds, they let out a huge energy pulse dealing massive damage! 300 Damage 2 Minutes


Mercury Black - His boss.

Obleck Black - Mercury's brother who turned into a monster...

Alex Yu - Zack helps Alex do some stuff.


  • Increase Health
  • Increase amount of drones you can have. (each upgrade means 1 more drones, so that means at 15/15/15 you will have about 20 drones I think)
  • Increase Damage (Increases it by 5)


Zack was born with no parents. He lived in a orphanage full of other children like him. The caretaker seemed nice, but she wasn't what she seemed...The orphanage was big, it had two rooms. One room for boys, and one room for girls. In the rooms, there were cameras, books, textbooks, and toys. There was a small camera room near the bathrooms. Everytime they were about to sleep, the caretaker went into the camera room. Everyday for lunch they had rice, carrots, beans, and beef. The drink they give you would either be water, or milk. But one day, a bunch of people in lab coats walked into the orphanage. The caretaker welcomed them in. From that day on, things weren't normal..Kids were disappearing, and never returning. Whenever someone asked where they went, the caretaker just responded with "They were adopted.". Zack knew something was wrong...But he didn't want to interfere with what was going on. One of the children, Obleck disappeared, but you could hear his screaming from the camera room. Like he was being killed over and again. Zack still didn't want to interfere, because he was afraid that something would happen to him. So he thought of the most logically thing. He would try to escape the orphanage. But every attempt failed. He decided one more time. He started to run past the caretaker, and into the door. He did it. He escaped the orphanage. But they were waiting for him. Two military officers grabbed him, and put him into the camera room. He was strapped onto a metal table. A ton of scientists walked into the room with syringes on their hands WIP