Zachary Fidgetto Nubspinnero the Fidget Spinner user

Zachary is an Fast noob like spinning Fidget Spinners, he controls the fidget spinners to turn them into blades with neuling and use the fidget spinners agaisn't the enemy, he has an terrible health and an horrible damage, but his speed is incredible.
Fidgetto spinneru-0


He uses an blue shirt, and green pants, he has an scarf and an captain hat. His sponsored hats makes him a nub


loves to play with fidget spinners, it keeps him focused on battles, he is always distracted by the fidget spinners spinning and insults people ''Bacon haired bozos'', also shouts ''ANTEDEGUEMON'' When angered and says ''PAO COM BATAATAA'' When hungry. Also likes drawing stuff for fun. Also has an Brazillian accent.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb He fires a fidget spinner 15 None
E He throws healing fidget spinners Heals 68 Hp 8
R He summons an fidget spinner turret, that fires a pillar 20 12
F He surfs on a giant fidget spinner for 5 seconds None 9
T He shouts ANTEDEGUEMON or Pão com batata None None


  1. Increase the F duration
  2. Increases his HP
  3. Increases fidget spinner speed




  • Saint: Fidgetto begs for Saint to buy many fidget spinners for Fidgetto
  • Pirato: Fidgetto gets really scared at him when Pirato shouts at him
  • Noobclowndumb: Fidgetto agrees with everything that Noobclowndumb says, also loves going to the circus with him
  • Sir Nybegynder: Fidgetto gets annoyed when Nybegynder calls Fidgetto an girl
  • Kafejo: Good friends with kafejo, also wants to go on missions with him, but fails miserably