Za hand but with 10x more memes


Za memu looks like a inverted Za hand but with a Crying Joy head instead of za hands face

His icon will be his face and his arm to the side with a Rainbow/White Swipe


Key Move Dmg Cooldown
LMB Swipe infront of you teleporting any living thing infront of you within 150 studs 0 5 seconds
E Stand still and do a swiping motion, throwing yourself to the mouse 0 10 seconds
R Stand still and warp a giant enemy crab infront of you to fight for you for 20 seconds 400 (per snip) 40 seconds (after crab despawns)
F(nocrab) Swipe infront of you doing MASSIVE damage but you have to stand still for 20 seconds and you can only use LMB and R 5000 180 seconds
F(Crab) Hit the crabs weakpoint, Blowing it up and doing Massive damage 1000 180 seconds

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