this is all not official, expect further changes when i see the need for them.


He was a lone ranger patrolling the sands of his hometown when suddenly he came across a mystical mask that granted limited powers (yes limited). With his new found powers the greed and blood lust got to him. Within mere seconds he ravaged his very own hometown and leveled it. With no place to go and a heavy burden put upon him, he set on a journey to find control over his new found powers. (not official, may change it upon further thought)


he wears his two flintlocks on his back similar to the pistola pack found from the pirates of the Caribbean event. he has yellow arms and wearing a steampunk like shirt. he wears the dimensonia pants. He uses the red shaggy 2.0 with the nomadic steampunk headband, and the red crimson scarf

Keybind, and Description




Q, switches weapons consisting of his “original powers” and the new found powers. A pistol, gauntlets(maybe), and a wand

5 seconds



LMB, uses the current weapon that the mode is in

1 second

For until the move is done.

Pistol: 100

Gauntlets: 300

Wand: 400/Limb

Original: 25/second

E, Pulls out another version of the weapon that is currently in use, but has varying stats

40 seconds

15 seconds

Pistol variation: 150 per bullet

Melee variation: 350 per hit

Magic: 450/Limb

Original: 40/second

R, Obtain the power of the Melon Gods and gain the powers of the forbidden Melon

1 minute

25 seconds

No damage, but boosts damage by 100% more. Doesn't increase the healing upon the use of the original's F

F, attain the true power of the current weapon and wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting victims

3 minutes

Because this thing is decentl

50 seconds

  • Pistols are changed to a 1 shot cannon that deals 500 dmg.

  • Melee variation is turned into a full on suit which grants increased speeds and damage is increased to 400.

  • The magic item is turned into the meteor staff and allows him to rain giant meatballs from the sky, each dealing 600 damage.

  • Upon the press of the F key, a faint chanting can be heard by the follow of raining melons that explode on impact, and produce shockwaves that heal for 25.