Younger Etaleo is Etaleo Callidum but a few years younger (normal Etaleo is 19-20, and this Etaleo is 14)

Key Name Effect Damage Cooldown
Passive Deck of Cards Etaleo has a deck of cards on the lower left corner of the screen. This will tell you what card he will fire, what it does, and how strong it is. It's a passive you frig It's a passive you frig
LMB Card Toss Etaleo throws the card on the top of his deck. The higher the number, the stronger the effect is. Spades is damage, Clubs is summon, Hearts is heal, and Diamonds is stun. Jokers will do high damage and summon minions Spades: 50-300

Clubs: 25 per minion hit

Joker: 300 guaranteed + 50 per minion hit


2 is 5% of HP, increases in 5% increments

2 seconds
E Card Count For 5 seconds, you can see the next 10 cards you will fire and your cooldown for LMB will be reduced to 1 second. theres no damage you frig 7 seconds
R Loaded Deck For 5 seconds, your card value will always be higher than 5. there's no damage you frig 12 seconds
F Roll the Dice Etaleo rolls dice on the bottom right corner of the screen. The outcome will give you buffs. First die tells what kind of buff you get (1, 2 = speed, 3, 4 = healing, 5, 6 = damage) and the second die is the power of the buff. There's no damage you frig 30 seconds


Increase the chance of a Joker Card

Decrease all cooldowns

Increase the minimum for Etaleo's Loaded Deck (goes up to 6 at 10, and 7 at 15, 8 at 30, 9 at 50)