Yoshikage Koolaid is yet another joke OC for Devil Beater.

He is a blatant Yoshikage Kira knockoff. :U


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Swipe (LMB) Swipes the enemies in front of you with a severed hand for medium damage and knockback. 200 1s
Duwang (E) Chew. You take a bite out of a sandwich to heal a small amount of HP. +50 HP 9s
Clean Rejection (R) Tosses your severed hand at an enemy. The hand latches onto the enemy for DoT and explodes when R is pressed again, or until 3 seconds pass. 40 DPS

300 explosion

Killer (F) Creates an aura around you that gradually expands. Anything that is caught inside of the aura after 3 seconds will be caught in an explosion. 500 17s
Stand activated! (G) For 12 seconds, Koolaid Queen will follow you and perform whatever attack you perform, essentially doubling the attack effects. x2 buff 60s


- Drastically increases your damage. (+4.3% from 0 to 15, +2.7% from 16 to 50)

- Increases your lifesteal and healing. (+0.6 on attacks from 0 to 15, +0.4 from 16 to 50. +1 on E for every SP spent.)

- Increases the duration of Stand Activated! (+0.3s per SP spent.)

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