W.C is a powerful element only found in the Toby Dimension. W.C can be infused with weapons, armor, and technology. W.C was first used by 10 Year Toby Izingubo Ezimbi Umklami.

How it was discovered

W.C was discovered by a scientist who's name is unknown. The scientist found W.C when he was digging deep into the Earth until he discovered a glowing neon green crystal,sometimes it may be confused with uranium,but he studied it anyways. He learned that if you find one W.C crystal, there is more. He brought the W.C crystal to a lab, where he also discovered that he could separate the atoms in the crystal to create something powerful. He brought the W.C atoms to a power plant where the power could be become more stable. Combining the W.C atoms with nuclear power, the W.C atoms were stable, but deadly. The scientist thought the power could not be held by anyone, so he kept in the power plant, inside a glass container, secured safely. That is until Toby rammed his car into the power plant, and stole the W.C Nuclear Atoms, now they are out in the world extremely rare to find.

Artifacts Infused with W.C

There is artifacts infused with W.C, here are some:

  • Time Clock

The time clock is a artifact that can send a person to a random time period, but infused with W.C nuclear atoms, the user of the Time Clock will not go to a random time period.

  • Khris' Gun

Khris' gun is infused with W.C nuclear atoms. The gun used to be a gun that shot random objects. Now it shoots dangerous orbs, and giant eyeballs.


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