fuck no



Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Throw a pepsi can that pours liquid wherever it goes. The liquid poisons when stepped on. 100 can, 19 per second pepsi 1 second
E Pick up a camera off of the ground and throw it. You see through the lens of the camera and control where it goes. 150 5 seconds
R Dab. It sends out a single bullet..

but it has a chance to stunlock the enemy and make them dab on repeat.

1/10 chance.

200 5 seconds
F Summon a quick minion that's covered in Pepsi decals. lasts for 45 seconds. 300 30 seconds after the minion is dead


what the fuck

i have NO fucking idea

what this is

it just came to me one day.

  • do i have permission to commit suicide

This entire thing is cancer

first name was Dab Dicumtyo

name translates into I want to die the third.

am i edgy xddd

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