This is alex's main character apart from Prima and Illuziga. Hes created by alexdavid4, himself. He holds a large pocket umbrella as a weapon.


Vir wears a black suit with a blue undershirt to represent his Flame of Fate (Flux). He has blue midnight shaggy haircut and dons a hat banded with flowers. He shows a bored expression from his face.

Moveset (Universal)

Key Desc Damage Cooldown

Vir has a water fill system from his vase. It's limit is 100%, can be upgraded to go further/into infinite. Most of his skills requires a certain ammount of water from his vase. When holding an umbrella, slowly drains his water 3% per second.

(50/50/50): The passive is ignored due to infinite water attribute.

None None
Q Pours down all of the water (keeps the percent) from his vase to form a FoF enclosed pocket umbrella. When held, slowly drains 3% of water each second. Pressing Q again to go back to vase by turning the umbrella to a useless puddle of water. Also starts in 0% after cancelation. Cannot refill while on umbrella form. None None

Moveset (Vase)

Key Desc Damage Cooldown

Fire 2 bubbles at once from the vase opening at the same time. The first one blobs up and down vertically and the second one blobs left and right horizontally at the same time.

Consumes 3% of water each bubble.

25 Dmg per bubble 0.2 Seconds

Swoop left and sprays 8 spread shots of bubbles across from his vase. Each bubbles moves up and down, representing a river flow. Also, each bubbles knockback slightly.

Consumes 35% of water per use.

30 Dmg per bubble 2 Seconds

Pour down a large puddle on the floor. Trips the enemy for 2.8 seconds each time they touch. Can be charged by holding R, the more charged, the bigger and yet consumes more water the puddle will become.

Consumes at minimum charge of 6% up to 65% maximum charge.

10-180 Dmg 3 Seconds
F Warp to mouse location by turning yourself into a water mist if under 60 studs range. When hovering an enemy, automatically homes towards the selected enemy, and ignores range limit. None 5 Seconds
Z (Upgrades affected)

(0/0/0): Fire a medium sized bubble that homes and explodes when impact onto a(n) solid/enemy. Consumes 5% of water.

(15/15/15): Form a gigantic bubble, then launches it on front of the player. Practically, accelerates the more the bubble traveled. When impacts onto a(n) solid/enemy, creates a large thud sound and releases a small AoE. Consumes 50% of water.

(50/50/50): Now 4 gigantic bubbles at a time on 4 directions around the player. Consumes none due to infinite water attribute.

(Above 50): The bubbles are now replaced with anchors.

(0/0/0): 20 Dmg

(15/15/15): 135 Dmg

(50/50/50): 480 Dmg

(Above 50): 620 Dmg

18 Seconds
G Holding G to refill 15% of water per second. While refilling, halves your speed and unable to do any other attack at the same time.

(50/50/50): Due to the water limit disable, the move is now replaced with a water pulse that knockbacks enemies.

(50/50/50): 320 Dmg (50/50/50): 4 Seconds

Moveset (Normal Umbrella)

Key Desc Damage Cooldown
LMB Swings his umbrella like a bō staff from the shaft of the enclosed pocket umbrella. Does a total of 4 swing combos. Each does a slight knockback. 40 Dmg each swing 0.3 Seconds
E Slams his umbrella towards the ground. After a 0.3 delay, a water geyser erupts which deals knockback. Consumes 20% of water. 120 Dmg 3 Seconds
R Performs 2 fast swings. Each swing will release 3 shots of round bubbles in a slash wave formation. The first swing will be horizontal and second will be vertical. Consumes 24% of water. 175 Dmg melee

70 Dmg per bubble

2.4 Seconds
F Summons a rowboat and charges foward, ramming the enemy with it's hull. Only can be ridden for 5 seconds. Consumes 5% of water each second spent while riding the boat amd per use. 150 Dmg 6 Seconds
Z Throws a special water disc that pulls himself towards the enemy. Consumes 5% of water. 10 Dmg 2 Seconds
G Throws 5 water discs horizontally on a slash wave formation. Bounces off the enemy. Consumes 8% of water.

(50/50/50): Replaced with gold, silver and bronze water discs. Not sure why, but atleast it looks more than plain blue.

45 Dmg each disc 4 Seconds
X Flips his umbrella to engage in Reverse Umbrella form. Holds the umbrella from the enclosed canopy, while leaving the shaft unfolded/open. He'll hold the umbrella like a rapier sword. None None

Moveset (Reversed Umbrella)

Key Desc Damage Cooldown
LMB Slashes 6 very fast combos, alike the normal umbrella form but excludes the bō staff formation. 30 Dmg per swing 0.1 Seconds
E Throws his umbrella like a rotating frisbee and boomerangs back. Ignores colision on enemy and solid walls. Consumes 5% of water. 210 Dmg 4 Seconds
R Alike normal umbrella's R skill, but the bubbles are now razor water discs. Also, can now swing 4 times extremely fast, and 1 shot per swing. Consumes 18% of water. 60 Dmg melee

120 Dmg per disc

2.5 Seconds
F Summons 6 water bubbles around the player and homes onto the nearest enemy. When contact with the enemy, explodes. Consumes 12% of water. 45 Dmg each bubble 3.8 Seconds
Z Dashes foward while leaving a water trail. When impact onto an enemy, performs a close range combo of 10 extremely fast slashes from his umbrella. Consumes 45% of water.

(50/50/50): Ends with an extra 2 slashes, leaving a water formation of an X.

340 Dmg total 12 Seconds
G Slashes downwards to create a water disc that travels through the ground by grinding through. Can increase size by charging by holding G. Consumes 5% of water minimum up to 45% maximum of water. 50-230 Dmg 4 Seconds
X Switch back to Normal Umbrella form. None None

Moveset (Other)

Key Desc Damage Cooldown
C Vase (15/15/15):

Throws your hat foward like a frisbee and boomerangs back. While spinning, summons in two water razer discs each side on his hat. Damages the enemy and knockbacks when impact. Consumes 5% of water.

65 Dmg 12 Seconds
V Normal Umbrella (50/50/50):

Opens his umbrella by a button on the square crook. Sits down in one place and rains infinite slow bubbles from the sky around the player. Press V again to get up and close the umbrella.

50 Dmg per bubble 10 Seconds
H Reversed Umbrella (15/15/15):Delays 0.6 seconds and then performs a strong uppercut slash wave. Knockbacks and penetrates through enemies.

(50/50/50): Delays 1.2 seconds and then performs 5 volley of slash waves. Knockbacks and penetrates through enemies.

(Above 50): Delays 1.8 seconds and then performs 8 volley of large slash waves. While the waves travel, sends in a rain of bubbles on the same direction and speed. Only stops when the waves are despawned/out of range.

(15/15/15): 135 Dmg

(50/50/50): 125 Dmg per waves

(Above 50): 160 Dmg per wave

75 Dmg each bubble

8 Seconds
T Universal (All):Each version of taunt does the same thing. Releases a strange orb and when impact onto an enemy, they will deal 2x more damage to you but you also gain 2.5x damage buff. Enemy attack buff does not affect on other players. Only lasts for 25 seconds.


Holds the vase on one hand and the other points forward onto the enemy. Nods his head upwards then proceeds with taunt debuff.

Normal Umbrella:

Points the umbrella forward while leaning back on a sideway stance. Nods his head upwards then proceed with the taunt debuff.

Reversed Umbrella:

Same as Normal Umbrella but reversed umbrella.

None 45 Seconds

Moveset (As an enemy)

Each time a 1/3 of health reach, switches to the next form. Starts from Vase, then Normal Umbrella, then Reversed Umbrella.


  • Fires 3 stream of water bubbles at once, that moves up and down resembling a river flow.
  • Fires 3 more streams of water bubbles at once, but moves left and right.
  • Swoops twice from left to right, releasing 15 spread shots of bubbles each swoop.
  • Leaves a very large puddle on the ground. Anyone on the puddle will be constantly be slipping and DoT until the player physically leave.
  • Constantly turns himself into a water mist and warps next to the nearest player.
  • Drops 4 gigantic water bubbles around him from above. Each rings a large thud sound and release an AoE.
  • Rapidly releases a blue pulse from his body.
  • Sometimes throws his hat.

Normal Umbrella:

  • Rapidly slashes whoever gets near him.
  • Swings his umbrella that releases a phantom-like umbrella forward.
  • Swings sideways that releases 6 spread shots of bubbles in a slash wave formation.
  • Charges forward on his rowboat. Deals extreme knockback when impact.
  • Throws 6 water discs towards the nearest player.
  • Throws a special water disc that homes onto the nearest player. When impact, drags to the victim and performs a quick double slash.

Reversed Umbrella:

  • Slowly rain bubbles everywhere around him diagonally. Every 10 seconds, slowly changes direction to either north, west, south, east.
  • Slashes non-stop and extremely fast. Only stops when performing other skills.
  • Throws his umbrella onto the nearest player. Stuns the player for 4 seconds.
  • Performs an uppercut that releases a slash wave, sends the player airborne if impact.
  • Swings sideways two times that releases 8 spread shots of razor water discs in a slash wave formation each time.
  • Charges forward leaving a water trail. If impact onto a player, performs a very quick 4 volley slashes and ends in by a swipe that extremely knockbacks the player.
  • Swipes downwards 3 times to create a fast moving water disc grinder on the floor.


  1. Increase damage
  2. Increase water capacity by 5%
  3. Slightly increase health

50/50/50: Now gains an infinite water attribute. That means infinite umbrella mode and no refilling required.

10 Yr Version:


  • It's original idea was from alex himself. His main hobby is somehow taking out his pocket umbrella and swing it with one hand as a, "practice of hand gesture". I bet he actually look like a maniac swing a damn umbrella around on public/school.
  • He's obviously Komachi Onozuka & Minamitsu.

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