Vidor Xanthos is an OC for devil beater


Vidor wears a orange suit and a yellow stripped tie.He also wears the PDO Pants, and for the head he uses a orange bandana and the Orange Eradicator.But at the same time holding a orange hyperlaser gun.

Appearance V2:

Zarko wears a purple suit, with a light blue shirt and a dark blue tie.He too wears the PDO pants (even not in image but he's confirmed to be using it), he also has purple hair and a purple bandana.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Fire triangular bullets (orange) from his gun 34 per bullet 5 s
E None The player spins an shoots 10 triangular bullets while spinning 60 per bullet



25 s
R " Crack! " Vidor creates an orange line on the floor that erupts after 5 seconds

(Limited range : 20S W x 4S L)


Lifesteal : 30

25 s
F None Forms a yellow bubble around Vidor,it grows into a big size.When players enter the bubble,it gives them a damage buff.But when enemies enter it,they get burnt.The enemies don't effect the player until a certain amount of time (10) Burn: 90

Lifesteal :


55 s
C " The Oblivious Spice "


Buffs the player's damage,health and speed permanently by 2.While at the same time summoning a bolt on the Vidor which forms a wave after hitting the player which has a big range.

(Range= Demixuer's R size)

NOTE: The buff is permanent


Bolt = 60

Wave = 300

Once per life
T Taunt Says some quotes from William Zeppeli N O N E 0
X Cubical Fury (50/50/50) The player kicks the enemy,after the kick,a giant cube goes above the enemy,which stuns it after the cube explodes into smaller cubes [5] that homes the enemy (which lasts for 7 seconds).The player is not obligated to shoot the cube for bonus damage.If cube not shot it will do 1.4k,if shot for 3 seconds it will do 1.9k. Kick = 80

Cube = 700

Cubes = 60

A ton of time (3.3 mins)
Q Change Change yourself to your other personality 0 30s


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Thin Burn Shoots a diagonal purple shot from the ultraviolet gun which can burn enemies.

Burn lasts for 1 seconds.


Burn: 10

1 sec
E UV Vapor Dark purple cylinders come out of the ground that acts like dangerous gas which can damage enemies in a rapid way

(lasts for 10 seconds,after it finished wait 15 more to use it again)

60 (each)



15 sec
R Solar Ray A red ray blasts from Zarko's chest leading it to burn the enemy (Needs mouse aiming).

Burn lasts for 3 seconds




35 sec
F Super Nova Zarko sits down and does nothing for 3 seconds.After 3 seconds a massive explosion forms.After it dissolves,the burn stays for 2 more seconds,if the enemy touched the explosion. 300





1.2 mins
T Taunt Says some quotes from William Zeppei 0 0
C " The Oblivious Spice "


Stays the same like the normal version (Since this is a permanent move for first and second form). Buff

Bolt: 60

Wave: 200

Once per life
X Fire Ring


A Fire ring forms around the player,it does knockback and burns enemies at the same time.This lasts for 10 seconds. 300

Burn: 35



90 s
Q Change Change yourself to your normal personality 0 30s


  • Increase Damage and Speed (DMG = LMB : +2,E: +2,R: +5,F:+6)
  • Increase F's burn effect (F's damage in general) and Increase Health Drastically (HPI: +5 PER SP) (FBE: +4,LS: +3)
  • Decrease all cooldowns and Increase health, Increase Lifesteal.


Since he was a child,he was very nice.But when he was growing up he was changing drastically.Leading him to have a duo personality and a mental disorder.He rarely changes personalities,he needed some help.So he found the outcast group and decided to join it just to get help.He made some friends,and help them if they need Vidor in situations.But when he wasn't in the Outcast,he used to go into another personality,the duo personality disorder got to its worst that it lead him to change his body itself,so its clothes and the things he wears.


His personality is mixed.He has a personality of the haze,stratus and aether users.The personality parts are :

  • Disorder (Well thanks Captain Obvious,I was totally on a different track)
  • Help the needy
  • Honesty
  • and Pursuing Pleasure (by killing people in stealth)

Personality V2

Still Zarko's personality is mixed like Vidor.He has traits from the Narukami,Storm,Heilos and Flux users.The personality parts are:

  • Being healthy and clean
  • Being humble
  • Being Adventurous
  • and Protecting


Kanashi Ningen ; Though Vidor is good friends with him,he helps him out in his free time with some stuff.For Vidor,everything is nice,but for Kanashi its neutral.Still they're good friends and help eachother in their free times.But rarely they intervene in projects so the area Ningen is working in gets used to Vidor.

Anzor Demir: He plays with him without his hat on his face,even though he tries to tell him how to use a hat,he ignores what he says.But later Anzor learned from his techniques

Relationship V2

Kanashi Ningen ; Like Vidor,he is good friends with him,he protects him from other harmful people and stay with him for a while.Yet he helps him emotionally a little,so Ningen can feel better again.

Anzor Demir: Similar to Vidor,Zarko helps him out with most things.Though they still cooperate in things,and Zarko realized that Anzor can breathe under the hat if he wants while he's sleeping.


  • The name Vidor came from Hungary and the last name Xanthos came from Bulgaria (NOTE: The creator of this page loves Hungary and Bulgaria,like,alot even if he didn't visit it)
  • Vidor's 2nd name is Zarko Thanos, thanks to the disorder he has.
  • His 2nd form has the first name from serbian land and the last name from greek lands.