I simply just renamed him to verruckt and am changing him entirely.


He looks edgy. He wears the Shade Samurai hat, With the Eyes of Emeraldwrath and Justice of Theif hat. So, Yeah.


He's german, A neo-nazi and a sociopath. Due to this, He's often considered "A horrible person" and also a "OH GOD PLEASE DON'T SHOOT M-". No one questions him unless they don't value their life. (Likely hates jews and blacks)


Name Key Description Damage Cooldown
Feuer! LMB Fire your gun for medium damage. Bullets are squares that increase in size slowly as they go on. 65 per Bullet 2.5 Sec
Umwälzend. E Point your gun to the ground and fire. Creates a slow, Red AoE pulse that speed buffs allies for 15 seconds by 10. Enemies will take small damage and receive a 4 speed debuff. 75 Damage 10.5 Sec
??? R Fire a large, red skull into the air. It will begin to fire lasers at the enemy that are circles. It behaves simular to something like Rinzaru's R, Or memer's F. High damage. 95 Per Laser 15.5 Sec
Kreisen! F Fire square bullets in all directions 3 times. The bullets increase in damage each circle that passes. BONUS: At 10/10/10, Dark purple bullets will be fired which do more damage. At 15/15/15, Lighter red bullets that do less damage but go faster, And at 50/50/50, Glowing, Purple bullets that are extremely slow, But high damage & large. 100 (Normal), 200 (Dark Purple), 300 (Lighter Red), 500 (Purple) 35.5 Sec
Sieg Heil! T Will say either the following: "Sieg Heil!", "Heil, mein Führer!" or "Heil Hitler!". Also, When you use this more then 10 times you'll instantly die with the loud negro scream because you are most likely racist. Insta-KIll to self if used more then 10 times. 3.4 Sec
Suizidär X Shoot yourself, Taking off half of your max HP, But playing Short Change Hero by The HEAVY (Starting from 1:25). Slightly decreases cooldowns for 30 seconds. If your HP hits zero you die, Obviously. 25% of your max HP 10.5 Sec


No Backstory. He doesn't tell anyone anything about his past life. Anyone who's heard anything about it has been found dead shortly after. So, Good luck.


  • Fake German isn't entirely german, It has some dutch and polish mixed in to make it more annoying for those who speak 4 languages (COCKY BASTARDS)
  • He is violently racist.
  • He only knows one english sentance, and it is "SHUT UP SOSTICE."
  • With every upgrade his gun slightly changes. At 5/5/5, It'll become red. At 10/10/10, It'll have these little skeletal wings on it. At 15/15/15, It'll have little red X marks on it. At 30/30/30, It'll have little blue spikes on it. At 50/50/50, It'll glow red. The spikes turn red and has these little red and black particals simular to 50/50/50 chi no senshi.
  • He hates sostice if you couldn't tell.
  • I wanted to make his passive go "This is too easy" and increase damage by 50% for 3 seconds. But i didn't.
  • Too edgy. I replaced him with someone else in the outcasts.

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