Venoro Korkoro is based off the character '''[ theggyer] .'''

{{PlayableCharBox|title = Venoro Korkoro|firstapp = N/A|allegiance = N/A|theme = N/A|element = Haze|cost = N/A|health = 130|damage = im lazy ok|speed = 20|strength = *High Damage

*Good Buffs

|weakness = *Low hp


|image = some shitty db oc.png


|-|Normal = File:Some shitty db oc.png

|-|Dark = File:Wiue.png



'''Venoro Korkoro has a purple and white colour scheme, which matches his hat set which include a sk10r hat, 150k shades and 150k headphones, all of which are purple. theggyer's set of weapons include a purple katana and a purple razevenge.'''


{| class=<i data-rte-washtml="1">article-table</i>







|Venoro slashes his sword dealing a bit of damage.

|80 per hit

|0.6 seconds



|Shoots 7 razevenges in a row.

|20 damage per razevenge




|Venoro raises his katana to the sun, increasing all stats by 20%, lasts for 4 seconds.





|Venoro transforms into his dark mode, increasing all stats by 50%, lasts for 20 seconds.






Venoro Korkoro is a young male adoscelent who always dreamed of fighting with his two favourite weapons, a katana and a razevenge. These two weapons he made were his most powerful weapons crafted by himself. Made of pure alexandrite.

== Personality ==

Venoro is a rather more calm of a person, the type that doesn't care about things around him until he actually sees them, also a rather immature one as his jokes are rather a bit immature and not funny.

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