Valnako Kanivania is an oc based off the user called Logan.


Valnako wears a white peacoat with black chef pants.He also has a viridian fedora, viridian shades, and viridian headphones alongside the face called "Sick day".


Key Official Description DMG CLD
LMB Shoot a spinning square from your revolver.

(Revolver is The General's .45)

90 0.5
E Point the pistol to the ground and shoot once,after one shot it forms pulses with a long range which can cause high damage. 170

(per pulse)


(after pulses disappeared)

R Shoot a big acidic bullet which leaves green smoke in the same trail which was shot,if made contact with the enemy the enemy will get damage and burn.

Burn lasts for 7 seconds






(after shooting)

F Shoots around 5-8 homing orbs which if made contact with the enemy, one of the orbs stun the enemy for 3 seconds and then the rest (including the one who stuns) explode and contract in itself so it disappears.

Note: one of the orbs stun.


(homing orbs)




(after the orbs contract on itself)


  • Decrease Cooldowns
  • Increase Damage
  • Increase Projectile Size


  • Instead of an actual general .45 Valnako is using a viridian version.
  • The fourth orb is always the one which stuns.

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