Valnako Kanivania is an oc based off the user called Logan.


Valnako wears a white peacoat with black chef pants.He also has a viridian fedora, viridian shades, and viridian headphones alongside the face called "Sick day".


Key Official Description DMG CLD
LMB Shoots a green bubbly bullet

(Revolver is The General's .45)

90 0.5
E You throw a acid bomb to the enemy, after 5 seconds the bomb explodes into a big acidic pool. The pool disappears after 10 seconds on the ground.

Disintegrating effect lasts 5 seconds

Explosion (160)

Sulfuric Acid Pool


Disintegrating effect




R A acid wave forms behind you and you fall on the ground. Instead of the negative effect, it only empowers you by boosting all of your stats by the amount below:

50+ HP

30+ DMG

10+ SPD

5+ DMG (On disintegrating and burn effect)

This boosts lasts for 1 minute

None 42s

(after boost finishes)

F You grab a pandora box. The deadliest box anyone can think of. The result varies on this list:

Acid Rain

Hydrochloric Acid Pillars

Silver Nitrate Minions

Carborane Acid Missile

(When acid missile explodes it harshly burns the enemy)

(Burn effect lasts 10 seconds)

Acid Rain

(50 per puddle)

Hydrochloric acid pillars


Silver Nitrate Minions


Carborane Acid Missile [EXPLOSION]


Burn Effect

(3 per second)

40s (After the result is finished via what it does)


  • Decrease Cooldowns
  • Increase Damage
  • Increase Projectile Size


Valnako is kind of a shy man, yet he's a man of great intelligence when it comes to producing weapons,flames of fate and others, he's one of the only ones who know how to change it's colors with different chemical's he adds.


  • Instead of an actual general .45 Valnako is using a viridian version.
  • Hes a fucking acid human, run