V is a guy.

He has a gun and a knife.

That's all you need to know.


Key Description DMG CLD
Auto The more you use an attack, the lower the cooldown. The cooldown reduction will reset if another attack is used. R and F are not affected by this passive. Cooldown reduction caps at -30%. it's a passive you knob it's a passive you esparanto croissant
LMB Fires a fast moving bullet for high damage. Deals bonus damage on a headshot. You have 6 bullets before you are forced to reload. 200 - 300 0.35s - 0.5s
RMB Viciously swing your knife in front of you for high damage and low bleed damage. Has a 10% chance to fire an energy slice that deals high damage, but no bleed. Bleed lasts for 2s and ticks every 0.25s. 350 slice

25x8 bleed

1.05s - 1.5s
E Uses 2 of your bullets to fire an explosive round. If the round hits, victims take AoE damage and are blinded for 3s. You then dash towards them and slice them, essentially performing your RMB. 250 4.2s - 6s
R Throws your gun and whips out another one. The thrown gun does low damage + bonus for every bullet left. If you have all 6 bullets still, rapidly fires all of them before throwing the gun. 100 + 50 per bullet 3s
F Uses 4 of your bullets to fire one large, slower-moving projectile. If the projectile makes contact with an enemy, they take high damage and then all damage dealt to them is doubled for 6s. If you miss this attack, the cooldown is halved. 650 11s/22s


  • Slightly increases HP and lifesteal. (+5.2 HP from 0 - 15, +3.2 from 16 - 50. +0.16% HP LS per SP spent.)
  • Increases damage. (+4% from 0 - 15, +2.5% from 16 - 50.)
  • Increases the cap for your passive and your bullet capacity. (+1 bullet per 4 SP spent, +0.8% passive cap per SP spent.)


  • The design for V was based off of Persona 3 FES: The Journey's final boss. maskless