Pre-3-year Ultoris is the 3 years younger variant of Ultoris Tenebrae made by cowardingrobot.

  • He is 13 at this time.
  • Ultoris currently exists in DB (Obviously)
  • Not planning to buy this guy in either, if you wanna buy him in, I guess you get a pre-50'd version of him.


Ultoris still appears in his purple hair but his signature blind is replaced with his not-as-signature straw hat. Ultoris has no ability to float at this point, so he walks/runs. He wields his katana in a scabbard instead of wielding it open hand. Compared to his other variants, this Ultoris wears a robe instead of a coat.


Ultoris' Katana


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Shadow Strike "Slash your sword and sheath it (click multiple times to combo) for high damage." 650 per slash. 0.7 Seconds
RMB Tele-push "Use your telekinesis to push enemies to a safe distance from yourself." 50 3 Seconds
E Shadow Blast "Fire a dark purple projectile at mouse direction for high damage." 500 5 Seconds
R Shadow Blitz "Slash dash through your enemy dealing high damage and causes the enemy to bleed." 650 (20/ms over-time) 7 Seconds
F Vanishing Shadows "Ultoris charges his sheath & blade and casts a large ball of darkness, that follows the enemy." 100/s (over-time) 10 Seconds
X Sixth Sense "Ultoris' anger wells up inside unlocking his true telepathic potential. (Replaces main moveset except RMB and X)" N/A N/A
Passive Rage "As Ultoris takes damage or deals damage, his rage meter increases." N/A. N/A

Telepath Mode

Speed: 45

Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Soaring Fist "Force yourself forward and punch harder." 500 0.25 Seconds
RMB Enhanced Tele-push "Use your telekinesis to push enemies to a safe distance from yourself. Deals slightly more damage." 100 2 Seconds
E Teleslam "Pick your enemy up and hurl them into the ground." 600 4 Seconds
R Mindbreak "Corrupts the enemy into damaging themselves." 100/ms (over-time) 5 Seconds
F Telekinetic Wave "Grabs parts of the ground and and hurls them all toward the enemy." 600 (per rock) 7 Seconds
Passive Calming "Over time Ultoris' rage meter decreases, when it hits 0, he switches back to his sword." N/A N/A


As a young teen, Ultoris is brash, impulsive, irrational, and careless. However, this does not keep him from caring for others. Ultoris prefers to to be alone, as always. He is more talkative as of this age though.


None as of yet, since he has not made a full appearance in the story.


  • Ultoris is young at this time, and has not discovered stratus, his clan has a form of dark magic, similar to a stratus user, but he has not developed the ability to support his team and is usually a solitary fighter.
  • Still no blindfold. Deal with it.
  • Having probably the most edgy moves I've ever thought of, his personality as a 13-year-old is kinda funny.

How to Unlock

  • The 10-Year Ultoris challenge. (Basically the Ultoris challenge with 10-Year Ultoris)
  • Secret unlock method. (Nearly impossible to figure out)
  • Be a cool person. (Easiest method)
  • Buy him in I guess...