• LET'S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT. This is Qu and Ultoris' memeing grounds so this is an unofficial oc from them both.

Ulteara is a female variant of Ultoris Tenebrae made by UltorisTenebrae.

Moveset by qu tho :^)


Mr.Obvious rape victim


Move button THing Damage Coooooooooooldown
Lmb - nut swing You swing your sword and deal dmg (woah) like fuckin 500 lol 3 seconds nerdos
E - Accuse Accuse MisterObvious of being a pedophile MisterObvious hating you doesnt have one because we dont have enough accusations
R - "im shutting down anim studio" summon misterobvious to tell hes shutting down anim studio for witch hunting his pedophileness boss gets hurt by 500 feelings dmg 5 seconds lol
F - Fapping noises give the boss a video of MisterObvious fapping traumatising them and blinding them 5000 vietnam flashbacks dmg like 0,3 seconds idk lol
T "Misterobvious is actually a pedophile" nu trition






Kawaii genderbent waifu tsundere that out-tsundere's Gladia.


Ultoris Tenebrae -SHE COMES INTO HIZ DEMINSHUN AND DEY SMESH oh also misterobvious wants to rape her :sunglass:

Ultimate move

Use the command /e sixtoy, as Ulteara to shove a vibrator to places unknown.

How to unlock

  • Draw an nsfw/r34 or whatever.
  • Will be sent to your account so when police free you from Mr.O, she'll be waiting.
  • Fapping like Mr.Obvious. (Note unlocking her in this method will make you known across DB as Mr.Obvious lolicon.)
  • Fuck an actual loli. (Grants the same title as previous.)


  • Lewded by Mr.Obvious.
  • Mr.O prey/victim
  • Qu fucking did a meme
  • Logan wants porn of this unironically

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