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Sword Moveset

In sword mode,you use a small black sword white spikes coming out,and a small white tornado surrounding it. Usually does slow attacks with fast-ish recharge.

Key Desc DMG CD
LMB Slash your sword,then go into parry position,blocking 1 hit of damage. 200 2 seconds
E Jab with your sword,then slide backwards. 500 5 seconds
R Slash down,causing a massive pillar to erupt. Slash = 200

Pillar = 500

7 seconds
F Waves and pulses erupt from you,then your sword grows in size and damage. Lasts 5 seconds 0 10 seconds
Q 50/50/50 only Jump up and smash down, causing your sword to float behind you (like a stand,but not a stand) doubling range. 0 seconds 1 time use
C Switch to Aura Fists 10 seconds
Finishing Move/Passive Finishing Move: The entire arena grows dark,and lightning strikes down on every player,healing them to full. Happens automatically after each battle.

Passive:Every 6 seconds,a neon green pulse comes out of you.

Pulse = 500 <<
T Plays either: (until the "wanna be a member" thing ends) (up to 0:17) (for 3 seconds) (until the phrase ends)

0 5 seconds
Z (50/50/50 only) Say (just the "Its time to stop part) and stun all enemies on the map for 3 seconds,and make them deal 1 damage. 0 15 seconds

Aura Fist Moveset

Your "Aura Fist" is a black gauntlet with some neon white details. Usually does fast attacks with long recharge.

LMB Do a clock punch,causing major knockback on the enemy. Lowers by 0.1 seconds each time used 250 damage 5 seconds
E Smash down,and cause a GIANT pillar to come out 900 8 seconds
R Teleport to the foe and grab them,then rapidly punch them. (Pretty much a stun) 500 6 seconds
F Charge up your gauntlet for 5 seconds, as eruptions come out (like nactis's H) and then you hold out your arm and fire a huge beam. Lasts 5 seconds. 300 each second the enemy is in it. 10 seconds
C Switch to Sword. 0 10 seconds
t same taunts as before. same same
z same stale meme as before same same

Boring Moveset (50/50/50 only)

You have your sword on your back,causing the tornado to wrap around your body,blocking all damage until switched. If you press C 10 times you get this form.

LMB Punch with your gauntlet 10 damage 15 seconds
F spread christmas chreer with the willy wonkman. say some stupid SAns quote and give ur enemy a bad time by makin it rain them gr888 presents! give sur emeny some disese thats funy on internets!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 present comes down every 2 seconds lasts 1 second 500000 a presnt 1 second no codown
Q You charge up,as neon white and black transparent particles fly up from the ground,changing your speed to 55 (WHEN USING AN ATTACK) Lasts forever. 0 damage 1 time use
R break it down yall! in other words do that sick WHIP d-d-d-DANCE move!!! shoots a laser from your hand thats doin the whip and then spawn a minion that looks like a crying laughing emoji. it follows around enemies and if it touches them it plays (up to 0:08)
Passive You fall asleep,and the forcefield wears off. 1/3 chance of this happening.
C Change to Sword


Increase seconds lost from LMB. (0.25 each upgrade,meaning 4/0/0 is 0.2 seconds lost from each LMB)

Increase charge time on F,but gain a speed boost for 8 seconds after. (+0.25 seconds each upgrade,but +3 speed each upgrade)

Increase Aura Fist armor. (+5 Armor each point)