toaster of toast that is his own group, but then joined n-force


Toast Of The Toaster That Only Toasts Toast In His Order

with prisms


hE HaS nO ToaSt tO StOrE oR I ThINK


His personality is toaster, i swear



Summon Prisms

(50/50/50): Summon Big Prism's That Shatter On Contact Of The Enemy That Home Onto Them


(50/50/50): 1000

One In a Toastline (50/50/50: 1 Minute)

Makes A Neuling Toast Out Of The Prisms Then Throws Them 10 Times


30 Seconds
E Make Lots Of Toast, That Then They All Burst Out With a Massive Toast, Dealing High Damage 700 45 Seconds
R Send Out 2 Toasts That Explode Dealing Medium Damage Plus Stun, And Healing Everyone Around It 500 (200+ Healing) 34 Seconds
F Summon 10 Toast Minions 100 (Each Minion Attacking) 55 Seconds


  • Upgrade Prism Size (Damage)
  • Decrease Cooldowns Of All Moves
  • Increase Health And Toast Healing Done


  • Toastys Based Off Of Only Toasters Toast Toast.
  • toasty is made by the guy who makes dumb oc's and should die
  • toasty is a semi-joke character

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