[Currently Unnamed] Is a character for Devil Beater???


He wears the Classic Bowler hat, With the Tragedy mask, All while being so transparent you can't see what clothes he has on. (Spoiler alert, It's helios, but you can't really tell ;>)


He doesn't talk. Pretty much ever. When he does, He basically is a carbon copy of nick, Though only talks in lower case.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
PASSIVE Shattered If LMB/F hits, This effect will come into play. Normal broken is shown as a broken window above their head. This makes them take 10% more damage from all allies (including yourself) and applies armor break to all attacks the enemy takes that didn't have armor break in the first place. Broken for Eternity, On the other hand, Makes them take 50% more damage from YOU, and 20% more from other allies. All of your attacks have armor break now, And don't affect allies. None None/Lasts 7.5 Seconds
LMB Broken Glass Throw a cube forward. Applies "Broken" to the enemy. 50 4.4 Seconds
E Unfixable If there are no marked enemies, This will create a cubical pulse around you for low damage but high knockback. If there are marked enemies, Yellow waves will enclose on them, Making them take damage. Removes broken effect. 75 (Wave), 45 (Pulse) 8.5 Seconds (Wave), 5.5 Seconds (Pulse)
R Are you still here? Turn invisible for 5 seconds, boosting your speed by 10 for about 15 seconds, And take 15% less damage from enemies. During invisibility, You cannot move and can still take damage from enemies. None 10.7 Seconds
F You think it would be easy? Throw a very slow moving red cube. If it hits, The enemy will be marked by "Broken for Eternity" (A more powerful version of broken. 105 15.6 Seconds


  • He is still unfinished as fuck.
  • He is intentionally edgy as fuck.
  • I am extremely tired.
  • aaaaachk