Flawless(?) Moveset

tinshada the perfect husbando..or waifu. this thing is gender neutral.

Key Description Damage Cooldown Taunt
LMB Slash your sword foward,throwing a ring of rainbow orbs 100 each orb. 1 second Plays each orb.
E Pull out a sword,and slam it into the ground,applying a different effect for each color. (Red= Damage. Orange = Area Attack Damage Yellow = DoT. Green = Lifesteal Blue = Freeze for 1 second. Purple = Weaken.) (They all disappear after death) Red = 200

Orange = 100 damage

Yellow =

10 a second

Green = 10 + 10 HP

6 seconds per sword. none
R Dash forward,leaving behind a trail of rainbow smoke. Enemies that walk through it will be teleported to you,as you gain a 1 second forcefield,and get double damage for one slash. 0 5 seconds. each dash.
F Rainbow orbs fly around,pulses generate in and out of you, and shockwaves grow and shrink in size. Pressing F during this will teleport you to mouse location. (Lasts for 5 seconds) Orbs = 100 each

Shockwaves = 100 each,

Pulses = 100 each.

10 seconds. " before it actually activates.

If an enemy is killed WITH THIS ON,check below.

Passive Each time you kill an enemy you play an audio,and recieve +5 HP. Your sword also grows a size bigger. 0 0 - regular

with F on- "

Double Space Double jump. 0 1 second none


Increase LMB size.

Increase LMB damage and size.

Increase all move sizes.


Usually a creative kid,Tinshada has an odd imagination. His imagination..comes to life. In form of ghastly spiritual balls. The sword he has is imbued with the spirits of everybody he has killed. He is inspired by Leonardo,not Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo Dicaprio.He is also a big fan of rainbows. His outfit usually consists of rainbows in it. Dawned from the age of titans,and has slayed MANY gods,including the true god...RUBBER PROJECTILE!!!! what his dating profile says. None of this is true. At all. Maybe the "born" part. No,not that either. This THING was probably created in somebody's nightmare. Dont play with him in PvP. He'll get triggered and rage quit if you beat him. Yeah,this guys a gamer. A bad one at that. He tried playing Akuma Fighter and couldnt even beat Bread Caliburb. His love of gaming inspired him to make a video game called "The Farm" also known as Arcade Adventures. You go on boats and sail to islands,exploring everything. He eventually got warped into his game,and skipped across the different games. He landed in Akuma Fighter,as the lobby is a cool place to hang out. If you don't see him in shop,its probably because he went to Arcade Adventures or Boss Fighting Levels. But you usually dont see him in those because he got banned from Boss Fighting Levels for saying Akuma Fighter is better. And he isnt a farmer,so he sold his farmhouse in Arcade Adventures.