Tina Nedion is an OC created by Ena_Sotelo, coming never.


Tina is not human, she is actually an android.

When Tina speaks, she usually speaks in an low voice since she is shy as a fish.


Tina is an android with military arms, Basically an reference to Tina from a game called Closers


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Overheat Tina will start taking damage if her heat meter reaches max, but higher the heat meter is higher the damage taken. (None) (None)
LMB (None) Tina fires her SMG, dealing low damage (can be held down) 50 Per bullet 1 second
E Close combat Tina takes out a knife to rush and stab, has a chance to get behind enemies then shoot them in the back with a shotgun, dealing high damage and adding 15 overheat to your meter 140(Stab)


8 seconds
R I want to be alone Tina hides in a fridge, freezes herself and making herself invisible for a moment.(decrease overheat by 10) (None) 15 seconds
F Finish them! Tina hacks a random tactical satellite in orbit, using the satellite's immense firepower to cause a lethal explosion to deal colossal damage.(adds 100 overheat to the meter as resort) 645 45 seconds


Theggyer's sister (Jessica)

Friends and lesbian XD


Soon or later


Increase Tina's health
Increase Tina's Damage
Increase the Overheat limit


  • Like i said, Tina is a reference to Tina from a game called Closers.
  • Later