The Tiger Snake is a devil beater pet that came to devil beater World in March 2008. It retired in June 2008. It hasn't been Pet of the Month and there is no Lil'beater version. Its special food is Eel Enchilada and its special item is the Serpentine Stream.


Meet this sssuper new friend - the Tiger Snake! The Tiger Snake is quiet and intelligent and sssimply loves to sssnack on exquisite Eel Enchilada! Want to make this reptile really happy? Visit the Arcade and play a few sssensational games!


The Tiger Snake has the same patterns as the Alley Cat. It has a long red tongue and small black eyes.


How to Draw a Tiger Snake

Drawing a Tiger Snake


The Tiger snake's plush

Eel Enchilada

Eel Enchilada

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