Thonk is some guy who's supposed to have a dagger but it's too late to put it on. He is based off the user InferiorClone[1].


He's a young adolescent with black hair, some broken mask, and "mischief" horns. He also wears some fancy clothing I bought for 20 Robux. (He's not in Devil Beater yet so dont worry about the stats n' stuff.)


Move Desc DMG Cooldown
LMB Stabs with dagger, medium damage. 300, +150 During F .5 Secs
E Summon three "pillars" that close in and deal medium damage. 200 Per Pillar, +100 During F 5 secs
R Uses edgy powers to create a circular pulse to stun enemies 250, +125 During F 10 Secs
F Get salty and go berserk multiplying overall damage by 1.5 and lasts for 10 seconds. 0 60 seconds
Q Trip and fall on your face. 0 5 Secs
T Taunt. (WIP) 0 1 Sec




None ATM


5/3=2 (Haha... Inside jokes.)

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