P.S: I still need someone to buy this in, the person who does buy him in will get 75/75/75

theggyer is based of off theggyer (no shit sherlock)


Theggyer has a purple torso with white arms and legs with a classic bowtie, while also having a skater helmet and some sick shades yo.


Key Desc DMG CD
LMB You slice with your katana dealing 90-100 damage and has a random chance to explode Slice = 90-100

Explosion = 200

1 second
E You hold your katana up in which the sun will reflect on it, which means you will be gaining 0.5% more speed (stackable for 10 times) None. 10 seconds.
R You throw your katana at a certain place, which will make an earthquake which deals 40-50 damage (lasts 5 seconds) 50x5=250 damage 20 seconds
F You put yourself into a shield of 500 health, in which if it touches the enemy it will deal 100 damage as you are moving. 100 1 minute
T (15/15/15 only) Plays

Time's up (can't find an edgy one)

0 0 seconds
Q (50/50/50 only) You strike the enemy with your katana dealing 10,000 damage (also stuns for 3 seconds after) 25 5 minutes seconds
Passive You gain a damage buff of 0.05% every 20 seconds. None 20 seconds

10 Year move set

Also i'm gonna list his strengths and weaknesses here.

Strengths: Extreme damage, decent attack speed

Weaknesses: Bad range, Bad speed, bad health and long cooldowns

Key Desc DMG CD
LMB You shoot a transparent white beam which deals a 0.5% slow and 60 damage Beam = 100-150 1 second
E You make a tower of time which stuns the enemy for 5 seconds and deals 100 damage 100-120 20 seconds.
R You make 6 time towers around you (they kind of act like a wall) which stun the enemies which try to get in for 10 seconds and deal 200 damage 200 damage 50 seconds
F You shoot down a nuke of time in which covers the whole map and deals 1000 damage to all the enemies on the ground 3000 10 minutes
T (15/15/15 only) Plays

Time's up (can't find an edgy one)

0 0 seconds
Q (50/50/50 only) You decrease your cooldown by 0.05% permanently until you are dead N/A 30 seconds
Passive You gain an extra slow to every of your moves (0.10%) None 20 seconds

He's exclusive dont worry not many people will have this over powered bastard for some time and if he's gonna be sky island he's gonna be hard.


Although when young he was very happy, by time he got more frightened and more depressive in which one person had changed his true happy self, rumors have it that it was Chi no senshi, but we do not know if it was actually him. After 10 years he has become more powerful, but he is still more depressive nowadays, and wishes to over come this person who has feared him for life BUT! he is too fearful for him still and has yet to re-gain his strong-willed and happy self and shall remain fearful for the time being. He also had been the leader of the group Outcasts but he had been overtaken by the specific person ''Chi no senshi'' and had flee'd his attack but still scarred for life with fear.



Normal theggyer is usually quite happy and speaks with a strong-will and is usually quite jokey.

(10 year)

10 years theggyer speaks in a more wimpy way and doesn't usually like talking to people, and when someone brings up the word Chi he will start thinking that this person is a friend of his and will start to fight him.

(Non feared 10 year)

Non feared thegg is actually more sinister than younger thegg and his feared self, he is more violent and harsh in this form. (Also, this is the form you fight as Chi no senshi)



Decrease cooldowns

Increase damage

Increase health

(10 years)

Decrease cooldowns

Increase damage

Increase health


Chi no senshi

Rumors have it that Chi was the one who frightened 10 year theggyer.


They were first friends when Amiran first started dating his siter, but due to Amiran killing thegg's sister they now hate each other.

theggyer and Amiran actually hate each other canonically the reason mostly was due to amiran hating one of theggyer's comrades thegg had never really liked amiran, and even if he never liked his personality the person amiran hated was actually thegg's sister in which amiran had killed, but the reason why he killed her is still unknown.


10 year theggyer was actually so terrified from a certain person his skin turned white

10 year theggyer also was about to jump off a cliff but a flying type of person had saved him

10 year thegg is also a masochist

Non feared 10 year thegg is the strongest form


Qu240103 (edited the greenscreen)

Falltz (fat)

Filthy_Sinner (gave me 10 yr chi)

IIkingrobux (gave me 10yr memer dreamer)

THE_CITRUS (gave me 10 yr grumpo with 75/75/75 so im also giving him 75/75/75)

theggyer (no duh)




darkkyraki (deserves it he's cool)




this is the best oc complain about it or give a legit critique and thegg will fuck you up

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