in other words,Tinshada's 50/50/50 moveset.

wip too,need audios

Key Name Desc. DMG C.D Audio
LMB "Am I creative yet?" Slash your sword in front of you,firing 5 circles of rainbow orbs. 100 an orb. 2 seconds.
E "What are we doing again?" Combine all your orbs into a flashing rainbow orb,that flashes between colors. Throw it,causing an explosion of colors. 1500 6 seconds
R "Is this some sort of joke?" Throw your sword,causing it to strike down,causing an explosion. Circles of rainbow orbs pulsate out from it aswell. Explosion = 500

Orb = 100 each

5 seconds
F "Heh,Nothing personal,kid." Explosions occur all around,as orbs fly around at random speeds,hights and directions, Each deals 100-300 damage each. Shockwaves pulsate out at random sizes,dealing 200 damage each,explosions randomly occur dealing 500 damage each,and you throw grenades (E) every now and then. < 10 seconds
Q "Stop Platinar: Za Porudo(?)" Laugh,causing everybody to be stunned. You will only recieve 1 damage during this. Lasts 2 seconds. Grows by 1 second each time you use it. 0 30 seconds
Passive "I dont need your help." He will not recieve any buffs,but instead gives it to others. Passive Passive None
T "This is the REAL me." The entire arena goes black,and starts becoming warped. 2 Portals open up and rainbow dragons fly out,while you laugh like a psycho. You will also float up off your throne and be surrounded in a black aura. Dragons - 2000 each. 3 MINUTES!