• Taxi is a golden yellow (a black flying taxi at 50/50/50) taxi who somehow came here from taxi simulator


Key Move Dmg CoolDown
Passive Everytime your taxi is destroyed like by crashing into a wall you can press Q to summon a new one 0 Until your taxi breaks
LMB Increase taxi speed by 2

(Resets when you need a new taxi)

0 10 seconds
E Drop a taxi for 3 seconds and if the boss gets in it it explodes doing Medium dmg 300 20 seconds
R Warp the enemy infront of you running over them 700 40 seconds
F Eat a fruit healing yourself 100 hp 0 50 seconds
Passive2 Whenever your taxi is alive its playing the id 291374881
Passive3 If you run into a boss (player if its brawler) it does medium dmg 200 its a passive you narb