The Pizza Boy is an OC and a member of the Noob Gang.


The Pizza Boy wears a shirt from the game Work at a Pizza Place. He wears a black and red hat with an R on it. (Not seen in the picture)


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Pizza Slap


Slap the enemy with a slice

of pizza.

5 0.2 seconds
Box Throw


Charge Agni into the pizza

box and throw it at the enemy.

Explodes on hit.

70 20 seconds
Eat Pizza


Eat some pizza to heal. 50 (heal) 15 seconds
Giant Pizza


Create a giant pizza box

monster to crush the enemy.

Lasts for 10 seconds.

300 50 seconds


The Pizza Boy really loves pizza. He usually just sits back and eats pizza... Except for the times someone insults pizza.


The Pizza Boy used to be a poor noob, until he found a job. He got the job and he became the Pizza Boy. He also somehow got the element of Agni.


  • Makes a pretty mean pizza pie my dude.

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