Or just DankNoob is the 4th member of dancers, as the Helios Element


Noob is a really obnoxious person who likes Going on adventures with his friends and Other noobs, he prefers noob gang over dancers due to the excessive memery but was forced to go primarily in Dancers due to them lacking a helios elemt


Dank noob is basically what you see there ---------------->

But sometimes he gets so obnoxious he turns fully neon


Key MOVE dmg cooldown
LMB Swing your Noob bat for tiny damage which slightly knocks back your opponent 2 studs 10 none
RMB Swing a giant neon noob hammer which has a hitbox 50 studs away from you dealing massive damage 300 3 seconds
E Charge up your hammer, the longer its held the more dmg it does and more knockback

But having the range of 1/2 his normal bat range

1 (1 second)

30 (3 seconds)

1000 (10 seconds)

5 seconds
R Throw 10 banana Peels around you which slips anything alive if it touches it, despawns after 10 seconds 0 20 seconds
F Shout random Japanese characters and unleash your stand, hermit Purple, Grappling the targeted player and making them fly off into the distance though the hermit only has the range of 60 studs 0 300 seconds


This OC was inspired by the Noob bat which costs 2$ or 50R$ from DahNoob

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