The Man of Masks (TMM) is a bad oc made by Etaleo.

TMM wears a mask that conceals his face, with a knife in hisand a simple Aether suit.

(M) = Masked and (UM) = Unmasked

Name Masked Unmasked Damage C0oldown
Conceal: Q Switches to his Unmasked form. Switches to his Masked form. N/A 10 seconds
LMB Charges towards the enemy and stabs. Throws his mask like a boomerang. This can hit twice. 70 (M)

60 (UM)

1 sec (M)

.5 sec (UM)

E Teleports in front of him, and creates a slash there. This will stay still and will deal high damage to the enemy. Disappears after 5 seconds. Summons a mask to stay around TMM, and this will push back any enemy who touches it. 150 (M)

80 upon contact (UM)

6 seconds (M)

8 seconds, 3 mask limit (UM)

R Kicks in front of him. If hit, this will cause a short combo of slashes for very high damage. Creates a substitute for him, that will take damage for TMM (untargetable until 3 seconds pass or 300 dmg dealt to substitute) 300 on kick (M)

N/A (UM)

13 seconds (M)

10 seconds (UM)

F Starts to spin rapidly. This will make TMM go pretty much autopilot, and start rapidly charging at random enemies with double health at the duration. Throws your mask again, and this will start ricocheting towards enemies at high speed. 30 per hit (M)

100 per hit (UM)

20 seconds (both)

TMM suffers from split personality disorder, constantly arguing with himself. The masked version of TMM is untrustworthy, and who pulls up facades "for the people who deserve it." He is very ratified towards justice, and will attack those who have committed him or his friends harm of any kind. The unmasked version of TMM is honest, and would never betray the friends he has. He is afraid of lots of things, and the masked version of him is trying to get the unmasked version of him to stand up for himself and be prepared to fight. Unmasked TMM will keep away from other people, unless he is warmed up to them and will be an ally to them, being prepared to fight for them in the darkest times.

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