"The Inner Allies" is a company based on saving the world from normal crime. Usually doesn't get involved with other supernatural beings,but had to because of a recent war between The Cartel and some others. The Inner Allies prefer to stay neutral in it,but they have chosen the Dimensiona's side.


Their logo consists of a broken T.V screen with the words 'The Inner Allies' on it. In the center,there is a glowing red hourglass.

On the bottom,there is text that reads




Fun facts:

They all cost 32 gold at level 100,except for Calico,he is secret.

Tinshada is Calico from a different dimension,where he came out as a failure. (aka roblox game creator)

Only 3 will be confirmed bought in. They are: Jexx Terna,Tinshada,Calico Esposito.


Calico Esposito = Leader

Jexx Terna = CEO

Dedre Bulleye = Weapons Director/General

Tinshada = Leader(?)

Borin De'ori = Lead Doctor

(be free to DM me on discord or roblox if you want your OC in. has to fit these requirements)

Its good,and has a backstory.

It costs 32 gold at level 100.

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