Nixis, rename this thing now

The Fading Shadow is an OC made by iiNixis that he will work on getting into the game.

The Fading Shadow wears Black and Red painted on him with a Purple Scarf, Dominus Mask, a Sword pack, an Eye Patch and some kewl face and a yellow head.

The Fading shadow's back story = me knowing he was removed for reasons and his back story is being worked on.

Kaiden unblock me i need to talk


description damage cooldown key
Shoot your guns(Its orb shapped based moves). 100dmg at base 0.5 seconds lmb
Turn into a(or ''fade" into a shadow get it? lolol) shadow select a player and copy all of their moves adding them to your selection of moves (Can't add more than 1 move set once you feel like you're done you get to choose a new person).After this I think i want a decamenu 30 seconds e
throw your guns on the ground and punch the enemy dealing slight knockback. 200 40 seconds r
you say "die! die! die!" red homing orbs start coming out of you explode on impact giving low life steal or something (3 orbs in total) 100 each orb 25 seconds f

The rest of this page is in the works. Sorry for obsession with Minato.


  • increase dmg
  • decrease cooldowns slightly
  • increase amount of orbs from F

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