Fragmen Artem is a piece of art known as the artist's First, Using his Articularis Powers, He will find out the truth of the Artist and stop his reign over the drawn. He is basically a Split Personality that can control both of them.


Fragmen, In his pure form appears to be a normal Stick esque figure, with a square body, the same for the inverted, yet he is inverted and his right arm has been severed.


The pure is a very fair and well minded person, usually being an intelligent male in situations, while the inverted one makes him a masochistic and rude individual who always underestimates his opponent, Which caused him to lose their arm.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q You Take on a different mental state, Becoming the Inverted side of your personality, Changing your moveset. none none
LMB Dance in a razzle dazzle, causing you to schut beams of articularis. 431 2 seconds
E Dash forward, Lunging at your foe with your feet, and causing an explosion that makes the enemy unable to attack for 3 seconds, you are immune to damage during and after this attack for 2 seconds. 326 7 seconds
R Stomp the ground which creates cracks in the earth, using this ability again will make purity seep from the cracks which deals damage to enemies that walk on the cracks. 147 16 seconds. (0.1 when cracks are on the map)
F Yell out some random nonsense, Which leads us to the ACTUAL attack. 0 10 seconds
G Upon Taking damage, You Counter them by firing a projectile of the same damage and size for 13 seconds after activation. Will mostly deal 100 or 150 but hey, its not bad. Dependable 1 minute

Upon Invertion, This is the moveset.

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q Go back to your original mental state, Causing you to be a calm individual again. 0 0
LMB Punch forward with the inverted power you have, causing massive knockback. 300 3
E Pull out some finger pistols, which fire... Drawn water guns? Yeah sure, works for me i guess. 173 7 seconds
R Grab a foe and do a Hoo Hah on them, With extra Pizazz. 65 per hit. 14 seconds
F If your health is lowered to 0, he will revive to 75% and have immunity to damage for 5 seconds for 30 seconds. 0 240 Seconds


Increase the Pure's Lmb damage And the Inverted's Knockback on LMB.

Make the cracks larger on the pure, and the Hoo Hah gets more pizazz.

Increase the power of counters on Pure, you are immune to damage after revive for longer on the inverted.


A drawn individual was created on the 11th in the 20s. Their Name was Fragmen Artem, and their artist was a ruler of a land of pure drawings, creating law, order, everything he desired. However, Fragmen had found a clue to the artist's schemes in a singular piece of paper, which was "Who rules the universal plane of existence?" He realised that the artist might be trying to rule the world, and must attain evidence to have him executed. He had tried to leave by attacking the drawn land's guards, but they pushed him back, and after this he couldn't handle the stress anymore and had inverted, causing him to rip them both to shreds, but a hired mercenary had sliced his right arm off due to him having a bounty for so. After this he had wandered the world searching for the truth.