The Original is a Member of the N Squad, Which claims to be the "Original Founder" (besides not being) hence his strange name.


The original appears to look as a 2008 stereotyped "Noob", wearing a Void Crown and a strange piece of equipment which allows him to use his processed Neuling.


Original is one of the more... "Perplexing" people, and tends to quote a lot of things with sarcasm, his motives are unknown to aide the N-Force, but a Sl-I mean Noob saw him with the tubes, fueling what seemed to be a saw shaped item, he's also a drunkard.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Neulingation Fire a beam of unstable Neuling, which allows him to home it on enemies. 650 3 seconds
E BoomerCrown Throw your crown, upon hit it will fly back towards you, ff not, it breaks. It then regenerates to your head. 784 7 Seconds
R Nervical Malfunction Accidentaly absorb a large amount of Neuling, which causes your body to start to seizure, and cause a giant bullet of Neuling to fire in front of you. You cannot use moves for 5 seconds after this is over. 1052 15 seconds
F This isn't even my finishing act! Fire a ton of neuling in a touhou esque formation. 250 per projectile 1 minute


In 1986, A Man with pale white skin had been the victim of an unknown yellow substance, Which he had called "Neuling", he had studied this so much, He had became obsessed with it, so he went as far as to inject it into his skin once. It however, Rejected his body due to his extreme intelligence. He had then fired it in front of his wall, Shattering it. He had then wondered how that had happened, The next year however, He had found a strange item that had a yellow substance in it, He tried adding neuling to it and holding it. Uncontrollably it had fired a beam which had hit a coyote nearby. He scammered to his house to add tons of neuling to it, But the neuling had covered almost 99% of room where the neuling was stored. This had suprised him, so he had made a vacuum like thing that absorbed the Neuling. It had then been put into massive tubes he was able to set to the size of his toes. Realising the danger and greed of people, He had created an Alliance, Or Force. He had Called it the N force. However, after all of them had been injected and learned their powers, they had rebelled against him. Using all his neuling, he managed to knock them all unconcious with a large spray of projectiles. He then had to hide from the government, Companies, And other items. Over 32 years later, He had noticed that a TV broadcast had provided us with knowledge that apparently, A company was attacked by a squad of "Noob Entities with powers strong enough to smash a city.", After this, He had grabbed his neuling projector, Tubes, Neuling Vacuum, And set off to find them to greet them their original creator.