Tero Vow is an OC for Devil Beater


Tero has neon green hair (Neon Mohawk + Neon Awesome hair respectively). He also has a "bionic" eye, along with wearing the narukami suit.


Key Name Description Damage/AoE Cooldown/Duration
LMB "Heavy Swing" Tero swings his hammer in front of him, then down on the ground. 100 Dmg Contact | 30 AoE 1 Second
E "Swing Barrage" Tero begins to spin around in four rotations in the direction the mouse is pointing. 135 Dmg / Hit 25 Seconds
R "Get Ready To Feel An Inventor's Spirit!" His hair glows, increasing his damage for a short time. +75 Dmg Buff Duration: 1 Minute | Cooldown: 1.3 Minutes
F "Grand Slam!" Tero winds up his hammer behind him for a few seconds. He then slams it on the ground, dealing major AoE damage / Contact Damage.

**If he makes contact, then he will swing his hammer like a bat for a second time.

350 Contact | 100 AoE

**130 Dmg

Cooldown: 3 Minutes
Q (50/50/50) "You ticked me off." Tero goes in his second form (Ticked), for ten minutes. Will recieve an improved set of moves (50/50/50 moves). 0 / improved Moves Cooldown: 5 minutes
T "Hammertime" Play M. C. Hammer's "STOP, HAMMERTIME!" 0 None

50/50/50 Moves (Pressing Q)

Key Name Description Damage/AoE Cooldown
LMB "I gave myself a heavier swing." Same as original move, just doing more contact and AoE damage. 135 Dmg | 50 AoE 2 Seconds
E "Barrage 2.0!" Tero swing a total of six times. Any contact will gives a small AoE blast. 145 Dmg | 20 AoE 50 Seconds
R "True Spirit..." His hair glows including fire. Gives a better boost. +85 Dmg Buff | +5 Walkspeed Boost Duration: 1 Minute | 2 Minutes
F "And he's outta here!" He does the same motion, instead it will stunlock on contact. Then will proceed with two swing simultaneously. 400 Contact | 135 AoE | **150 Dmg / Swing Cooldown: 6.5 Minutes


  • Increase in walkspeed
  • Increase AoE range output
  • Decrease (F) cooldown Slightly


Tero likes to have a good laugh, sometimes too much. Though, if his creations are mocked/ridiculed, he will enter a more serious/ticked state.

As a youth, he was a joyful kid, and had an eye on inventions. He created a catapult that could launch an object 40ft from it's position. Of course, he launched a baseball into a neighbor's window, and was in trouble severely. That didn't really stop his inventing spree, as he had a lab in his "tree house". He cut off all contact from his relationship, friends, and even family, to a point where he is hysterical at times. One day, one of his inventions didn't work out well, which ended up breaking out, along with him with it. As he escaped, his eye was missing, as the machine that went rogue crushed it somehow (who knows). He wore an eyepatch after that.

Traveling the road alone, a brown/auburn haired person found him alone, and asked him if he could join his group, "Turndials". Tero gladly accepted, who also today built his own weapon and Naoko's staff. He also built a bionic eye, which helps him build tools at an improved rate.


  • Turndials: He is the mechanic/weapon maker of the group.
  • Alex Troban: Tero does not like Alex, due to his stubbornness.
  • Oscodo Hurey: Tero is freaked out by Oscodo, since he doesn't really speak.
  • Lea Besdi: He respects Lea as a leader.
  • Naoko Imoni: Also respects Naoko, and built him a prototype staff.


  • Q is just improved moves, at the cost of cooldowns.
  • Tero might have schizophrenia, but it's not confirmed.
  • Tero did not make anything for anyone, besides for Naoko and himself at the moment.