Tempus Stamine is an OC made by Etaleo.
Name Effect Damage Cooldown
Frozen in Time Tempus slashes the air in front of him, creating a projectile that stands still. When 3 projectiles are out, the projectiles will go at high speeds towards the enemy. 100 per slice .25 seconds for each slice
Tick Tock Around The Clock Tempus teleports around the enemy, dashing towards them and doing damage at each slice. 150 per landed slice 15 seconds
Back this way! Tempus reverts himself to the position he was 5 seconds ago, with his health being put back to where it was before (e.g at 150 health 5 seconds before, 100 health when activated, will revert him to 150 hp) N/A 10 seconds
Time flows like a river. Tempus spirals around, firing miniature clocks at a rapid pace. These clocks do high damage and stun the enemy for 1 second. 200 per clock 20 seconds
My Reality Tempus puts the enemy in a box they cannot escape from for 5 seconds, with projectiles that come at the enemy constantly. 100 per projectile 30 seconds

50/50/50 bonus: When Tempus is close to death (50 health or lower) he has a 1/4 to use "Back this way!" to restore him to 75% HP. Can only activate once. Tempus also has a clock behind him. Should he die, he will sink into the clock, and if the enemy is near him, he can grab the enemy and bring them into the clock, taking off 25% of their current HP.

Tempus as a person always seems to be one step ahead of everyone. He has a common habit of finishing sentences for people, as if he as already experienced it before. He always goes by his own rules, even if the rules were there for his own safety. Tempus pays little to no attention when it isn't something important, and when he isn't listening he seems to be staring off at nothing, imagining what can and will happen.