Tarochhi is a Helios user that uses a randomized deck of 52 cards. 



Passive - I Draw.


Every 3 seconds you get a new card


none you nerd


omega passive cooldown !! 1!

LMB - To the Field I Summon...! Draw a card out of 52 decks. Summons the ally on the card. depends on ally Allies die after 15 seconds, Max of 2. R does not count.
E - Stacking the Deck Return 5 used card to your deck, suffle your deck, and power up the top 5 cards. none 10 seconds
R - I Tribute Summon...! Throw out a single card that makes a giant ally, but takes away 50% of your health. depending on ally 30 seconds
F - Let's play 52 Pickup. Throw half your deck into the air, and they come raining down and explode. Is affected by E. Cards affected by E deal 105% more damage. Depends on card/ally 2 minutes because of how powerful it is

Extra Moves



The Joker

Tarocchi creates a giant orb aoe around himself, all allies inside the aoe get healed full health, the aoe then shrinks becoming a giant card using all the cards in his deck. The base damage of this attack is based on the amount of cards used, does not matter if they are powered up by E. The attack also gains power based on double the amount of damage healed to allies. The card is then thrown at the nearest enemy.


Depends on the amount of cards in the deck when it is used ( 25 per card) , plus the amount of damage healed by the aoe times 2X. (Example heals 5 players total of 1052 health and deck has 46 cards. 1052 * 2 + 46 * 25 = 3,254 damage). 5 minutes

-Increase the power of card attacks ( 102% per point * base attack damage).

-Increase the amount of cards powered up by E ( 2 points per addisional powered up card).

-Decrease the health and card cost for moves ( reduces costs of cards by 1 for every 2 points, reduces health cost by 1 every 1 point).

Upgrade bonuses

E - 0/0/0




In addition to its basic power Tarocchi Adds 4 golden cards to his deck representing 4 elements which deal massive damage when used. Can't be summoned as a ally by R or lmb.

4 Elemental cards


- 0/0/0

Deals 500 damage to enemies hit by the wave and heals allies by 10% health. 500 damage and 10% health heal.


- 25/25/25

Deals 650 damage using a huge pillar, stunning all enemys around Tarocchi for 5 seconds. Deals 650 damage and stuns enemies for 5 seconds.


- 15/15/15

Deals 400 damage using a massive wave, and increases Tarocchi speed by 12 and speeds allies by 5 for 10 seconds. Deals 400 damage, speeds self by 12 and allies by 5 for 10 seconds.



Deals 1000 damage with a massive blast, then leaves a field of fire that burns for 5 seconds. Deals 1000 damage, fire left behind deals 700 damage per second inside of flames to enemys.
LMB - 50/50/50 Gain the power to have 5 allies max. R does not count as one of these.