Tally Spintz is an OC for Devil Beater. His portrait is not finished, and his appearance may not be final. (also he will most definitely be bought in if commissions are ever open) Hs tv head was modeled by Scroobius


Tally wears a green-ish peacoat, with the words, "nowhere to go but infinity!" behind it. Under his peacoat is a red shirt with the numbers 88 in green. He wears a TV that displays words after a short period of time. It looks rusty, but displays colors on it's screen.


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Uncontrollable Luck Tally constantly changes passives every 8 seconds. These passives can determine the fate of the battle. N/A 8
LMB Tesla Zone Holding down LMB shoots electricity in a cone in front of you constantly. Deals DoT. 85 (per hit) 3
E Desperate Change Tally changes his passive upon activation. (used to get out of sticky situations and such) N/A 18
R Entertainment Tally sits down as he plays a show on his TV with only 2 frames. This creates an AoE which knocks back enemies away from him. Allies in the circle will be healed. (may change soon) 50 8 Seconds
F Shared Luck Tally creates a circle AoE which shares passives with allies. (yes, you can troll with this) (may be changed tho rip) N/A 30


  • RAGE - Entering RAGE increases his damage.
  • HEAL - Entering HEAL increases Tally's health regen speed slowly.
  • HELL - Entering HELL slowly drains his own HP.
  • SLOW - Entering SLOW will lower his walkspeed.
  • BLOW - Entering BLOW will make a ticking sound. After 4 seconds, he will explode. Deals high damage but sacrificing 50 HP.
  • HYPE - Entering HYPE boosts his walkspeed by 10.
  • $@(^ - Entering $@(^ makes him say, "I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!". This passive does absolutely nothing aside from the fact that he just repeats the same word over and over until he switches.
  • RADS - Entering RADS creates an AoE around him that damages anyone in range.


  • Increase health.
  • Increase size of LMB.
  • Decrease cooldowns drastically.


  • His name sounds similar to Terry Hintz from Lisa: The Painful, however this was not intentional.
  • Previously a member of The Gents, until they all went their separate ways. He joined Outcasts after some time.