Takahiro is an OC for Devil Beater.
Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fire a playing card. Moves very fast, no knockback. 100 damage. 0.3 seconds.
E Teleport behind the enemy, leaving a large area of dust behind. This acts as a confusion. Plays an edgy chuckling noise during this. None 3 seconds.
R Throw a rose. This rose attaches itself to any enemy it hits. This will do damage consecutively for 5 seconds. 100 per second. 5 seconds.
F Gain a speed boost. You will trail a purple gas that will slow enemies down. This attack lasts for 5 seconds. Upon pressing F, Takahiro will say "A Magician's Enlightenment". None 5 seconds.
X Teleport to an enemy with a rose on their head. Leave a large cloud of dust. This will cause damage and slight knockback. 100 damage. 3 seconds.
T Say a random, edgy Danganronpa quote. None 1 second.


Takahiro is sly. He never tells his secrets and usually keeps to himself. If he is asked a question, he usually just doesn't reply or says "Your question is insignificant...". When angered, he will start saying random quotes like he is summoning a demon (but he doesn't actually). When upset, he usually runs away from the crowd and doesn't reappear for about a day. If he is ever called out on in a magic trick, he'll make sure to give 'em a good beating.


Eliza The Second

Eliza and Taka are allies and make up "The Devilish Duo"


  • Takahiro (たかひろ) means "dragon" when translated from Japanese to English.