Suto is an angel from Sky Island. She is based off of the user InferiorClone


Suto is a very young adolescent with blue hair that gets purple farther down. She also wears an eye patch due to a past accident (It's there use your fucking eyes). She also has kitty ears and a tail, along with a halo and wings.


Key Name Desc DMG Cooldown
LMB Swing Swing your sword for medium damage 200 +100 With Freeze 1 sec
E FREEZE! Give your sword Ice Powers that will increase damage and freeze your opponent in the next attack. (Lasts until attack ends) 0 (Freezes for 3 seconds) 10 Secs
R Chivalry Grants a speed boost that lasts 10 seconds. +10 Speed 20 Secs
F Decapitation Suto swings her sword around, the slashes dealing high damage. 500-750 +250-375 With Freeze 30 Secs
G (15/15/15) BRING IT AROUND TOWN Swing her sword around dealing absurd amounts of damage each hit. 750 Per Hit +375 With Freeze 10 Secs


  • Increase Max Health
  • Decrease R Cooldown
  • Increase Damage Boost & Time Frozen on E


Suto is shy most of the time, not talking much even to her friends. Though, if she gets angered, she goes completely ballistic and there is almost NO calming her down.




  • The sword she uses is actually one of ROBLOX's secret items called the Sword of Seasons.
  • I got her last name from some fake word generator you can find here
  • She was originally going to have a Firework Launcher instead of the Sword of Seasons.

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