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Sultan Shaggy is a monstrous being turned into a less monstrous being, he has six pack abs, a necklace, along with a arm band on both arms, as well as wearing black jeans. His head color is completely different to his body color.


An entity who surfaced the world as an accursed being created through a collision between multiple great powers of unknown sources. Taking the form of a beefy tanned man with a cross necklace, and a pair of jeans that dates back to a land before time. His head's color is completely different to that of his body, causing great discomfort upon everyone who sees him. At some point a man challenged him, to which he was swiftly annihilated at an instant on complete accident. He constantly wanders the world, showing off his strength that barely rivals his ego. Recently he had begun to only use a maximum of 55% of his total strength, though mostly only using 35% whenever he starts to get "serious". Those who had met him before are certain that if he had used his full strength it would cause a calamity like non other, even then his current strength is nothing to scoff at.

In reality, he is actually the residue power of a higher being; himself, Sultan Shaggy came to existence through his original self's wish to see a normal world, carrying only a mere five percent of what the true Sultan Shaggy's strength as he is locked within an eternal war between a mighty foe since the near dawn of time. Almost catching the eye of a certain entity who had come to love the world.


Cocky and narcissistic, he views everyone lower than him due to his true strength being incomprehensible. Constantly holding back no matter what in order to prevent complete annihilation...and attempting picking up girls off the street.


Name Desc Damage Cooldown
"MY HAIR IS LETHAL." (Q) Sultan Shaggy takes off his shaggy, and throws it dealing medium damage, then looping back to his head. 200 7 seconds
Unknown (LMB) Sultan Shaggy shoots large shaggies dealing low damage. 100 1 second
"I am what I have." (E) Sultan Shaggy turns into a floating loop (6 minimum) of shaggies increasing damage and knockback of his shaggies for 20 seconds 30% damage buff

200 (Shaggies)

30 seconds
Unknown (R) Sultan Shaggy erupts the ground with multiple shaggies at random areas dealing high damage. 500 35 seconds

35% Release (55% Release at 50/50/50) (F)

Sultan Shaggy becomes a rainbow shaggy, increasing his damage and decreasing cooldowns for all attacks. Buff 45 seconds
"I'm out." (Z) Sultan Shaggy pulls out a Sawed Off Shotgun and shoots himself. 4600 Unknown


  • Increases HP/speed
  • Increases strength/duration/shaggy count of "I am what I have" (E)
  • Increases strength/duration of "35% Release" (F)

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