Steve Black is a OC for the game Devil Beater


Steve Black seems to be wearing a white suit. He is wearing a 2017 Roblox visor, and has nerd glasses.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Steve has three shield generators around him that follow him around to protect him. The boss has to destroy all of these three shield generators. The shield generators respawn when you die, and choose Steve again. 0 0
Q - NOPE NOT THIS! Steve switches modes. He has fire mode, normal mode, wind mode, and healing mode. 0 3 Seconds

Fire Mode -

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - AHH HOT! Steve shoots out a fireball from his blaster. 120 2 Seconds
E - FLAMETHROWER Hold E to turn your blaster into a flamethrower! This ends when you you let go of E. 60 Damage 5 Seconds
R - CHARGING UP! Steve charges a huge fireball. The more you charge the bigger it gets! 170 Damage 7 Seconds
F - FIRE THE NUKE! Steve curls up into a ball, and explodes. Fire gets everywhere! Explosion deals 142 damage. Fire deals 50 damage. A minute

Normal Mode -

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - BOOM! BULLET! Steve fires a bullet at mouse direction from his blaster. 40 Damage No cooldown
E - GOTTA SUPPORT MAN! Steve buys armor for everyone in the server. 0 Damage 5 Seconds
R - BAD IDEA! Steve does a rocket jump! Explosion of the rocket jump deals 60 Damage 4 Seconds
F - METEOR!!!! Steve makes it rain meteors for 10 seconds! Meteors deal 100 damage. 20 Seconds
Q - Reloading! Steve reloads. 0 0

Wind mode -

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - Gentle Wind... Steve fires a barrier made out of wind that heads toward the enemy. Deals knockback damage. 30 Damage No Cooldown
E - The wind does impossible stuff.... Steve flies into the air, but then falls, and hits his head. 0 5 Seconds
R - The wind is pretty strange! Steve shoots his blaster into the air. Random objects start following onto the enemy's head. Has a 40% of being a plane. Has a 30% of being a random player, and has a 1% of it being God. Objects deal 60 damage.

Plane deals 100 damage

Random player deals no damage.

God deals 1,000 damage.

10 Seconds
F - WHAT IS THIS WIND STUFF DOING?! Steve fires a giant hand from his blaster. If the hand hits the enemy, more hands start grabbing the enemy, and crushing them. Hands deal 190 Damage. 20 Seconds

Healing Mode -

Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - Heal ring! Steve fires a huge healing ring on the ground. Whoever touches the ring gets healed by 20. 0 Damage 2 Seconds
E - Protection! Steve fires another big shield around him. Anyway who enters the shield gets healed by 10. Deals 30 damage to bosses if they touch it. 5 Seconds
R - HEROES NEVER DIE! Steve fully heals everyone in the server. 0 Damage A minute
F - MY ULTIMATE IS READY! Increases everyone's damage by 10 times as much as they used to do. Lasts fire 2 Seconds. 0 Damage Until you die.


Steve Black is the brother of Aiden Black, Mercury Black, and Obleck Black. Steve Black is not a scientist like his two brothers Mercury, and Obleck. Steve Black is rich. He became rich by making several oil companies, a mining company, millions of jewel stores, and of course starting a technology company. Though he had no idea how to make a weapon, or machine himself he had scientists, and engineers to make weapons for him. As long as they were being paid, they were fine. A year later, the leader of Team Galaxy, Celo De La Asood made a deal with Steve Black. As long as Team Galaxy gives Steve Black a thousand dollars per month, Steve would help expand their base, and helped keep them a secret. With all this money, Steve Black turned into the richest man in the world! He got his brother, Mercury Black to make his blaster of elements. Besides being filthy rich, Steve Black is a good aim. With his new blaster, he can do missions for Black Labs anytime he wanted to. He still decided to stay with his companies though. He rarely did missions for Black Labs, and kept focusing on his companies. He wasn't worried that they were crash, he just didn't want to do some missions. But when it is serious, he goes into the mission. But he wasn't fit for some missions still. Like raiding missions. So to fix this problem Mercury Black built three shield generators to float around him. The three shield generators created a shield around him whenever he is in a mission, or being attacked. The shield generators are hidden in his pockets. They are just really small. Now Steve Black has all these weapons, what could go wrong, right? Meh we will see in the ark what happens to him.


Steve doesn't really like staying in his office. Sometimes he sneaks out through the roof to do something crazy. Like messing with a bunch of gangsters, then beat them up. Just to test his heal mode. And then he used his blaster to go surfing on a train. WIP