" Alas, I have caught a bandit in my sight, now prepare to battle the great Stephen Knight! "

- Stephen, ready to fight because he's alright.


Stephen is a member of the Nexus Faction, a group that acts as a watch for Studdton and an OC in terms of it's effort, it's bad. TBH. :Y


Stephen is a carefree person, as well as being a compassionate but very noble young man who read too much Shakespeare books and medieval ages books. Weird huh? He is also an independent person, who doesn't struggle on his missions but makes up for the team and collaborates with group activities. As a supporter, he keeps up to date with the latest YouTube stuff and listens to the song "Shooting Stars" very often. So much weirdness. (can I allow this?)

Moves (Spectrum Blades)

Ability Name Function Damage Cooldown
Q: Weapon Switch Stephen switches between his weapons, The Spectrum Blades and the Galaxia Dual Lasers None 4 seconds
LMB Strikes his Spectrum Blades for low damage each. 75 (x2) per blade 1 second
E - Galaxia's Rift Summons a black hole to siphon health from the enemy, dealing little damage in its area. 65 25 seconds
R - Galaxia's Arc Stephen raises his swords and summons an arc that hits the enemy dealing damage. 150 8 seconds
F - Wrath of Galaxia Stephen goes invisible for a short time, then unleashes an explosion that pushes enemies back. 300 60 seconds
C - Cloak of the Nightscale Stephen activates his cloaking device making him go invisible. none 27 seconds when visible again

Moves (Galaxia Dual Lasers)

Ability Name Function Damage Cooldown
Q - Weapon Switch Switches his Dual Lasers back to Spectrum Blades. None 4 seconds
LMB - Bullet Fire Fires a stream of lasers from his Galaxia Dual Lasers. Click and hold for more chaos. 50 each bullet 5 seconds
E - Photonus Immobilizaga Stephen charges up his dual lasers, then fires a bigger beam for high damage 300 15 seconds
R - Gatling Rage Stephen obtains the power of Luna, making his bullets bigger than they should be. Lasts for 30 seconds none 25 seconds
F - Edgy Nebular Laser Swarm Stephen spins around and shoots his lasers to mow down enemies in its way. ahuehuehue 100 30 seconds


- Stephen's guns were not stolen off of Rifo or Dark Kyraki, or either of the two, but he bought them from a laser gun store.

- His Passive is the ability "Luna's Guidance", which grants him more health. And attack. :3

- He almost rhymes his poems with the words that rhyme with "night".

- Stephen's last name was actually Night, but with a "K" added at the beginning.


- Decreases all of Stephen's cooldowns. haha

- Increases Stephen's health.

- Increases all of his stats even further (because it's bad)



This is Stephen with his Galaxia Dual Lasers