Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Stacks Punch. If you hit someone you gain a stack.



E Stockpile. do one push up. gain 2 stacks from this. buff. 5
R buff shoot your stupid rooty tooty point and shooty. gain 3 stacks. 75. 10
F スタクスー shoot yourself in the head. gain 4 stacks. buff 15
Q o gain 5 stacks because you earned it. k math.huge (50/50/50)
hehe haha stacks stack = 10 max hp, 5 speed and 10 dmg. a

Upgrades :

  • Stacks (Stacks are more powerful)
  • Stack ( Stacks are more powerful)
  • Stacking (Stacks are more powerful)



Blacklist and People getting it

  • everyone except the_gentlemaniac is getting him 666/666/666 haha am i cool yet mom


  • Stacks
  • Stacks
  • This was made only because of the cancerous amount stacking characters in this wikia
  • it has no gender

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