Sonotia Aliver is a fan made character for Meat Beater, he will never be added in and god for fuck if anyone does enjoy using ROBLOX meshes as weapons.

development halted indefinitely because fuck y'all


Sonotia is a Menreiki Youkai who looks like a young male but is actually 1344 years old, with brown hair, wearing a hat with goggles, a pair of trousers, and a plain shirt with different colored and shaped buttons and a pink bow at the top. He weilds his naginata, which he calls Saliz, an extension of him that reflects his soul, refined, balanced, and keeps itself in check, along with Haniga, a white mask in which Sonotia dons only on the most crucial of times.

When wearing Haniga, Sonotia's masks disperse back within him, and he wields a pistol in his right arm, with claws on his left.


"I wish to become more of a human than I am a Youkai. It is an impossible dream and someday I will come to accept this fact. However as of now, I refuse to accept it, because if I cannot become a human, then I will at least get closer to being one."


Sonotia was born through a collection of masks many years ago as a Menreiki youkai. Originally, during his youth Sonotia had no name, and was an extremely violent youkai with nearly unprecedented strength. Massacring humans and other youkais alike without rhyme or reason while consuming a good number of them. Over the years Sonotia had continued to build upon waves upon waves of karmic energy from the hundreds of youkai and humans he had consumed. While spending the next century sleeping on the blood and bits of his victims.

At some point during Sonotia's slaughters he had encountered a warrior in gleaming red armor. The warrior held no hatred, only the wanting, the lust, for sheer battle, as the warrior slashed Sonotia to pieces over and over, and him regenerating over and over due to the lack of meaning behind his attacks. Having him slowly but surely begin die in absolute pain, eventually, when the warrior suddenly halted, and began to walk away from the battlefield covered in Sonotia's blood and pieces. He asked, "Why do you fight? Why did you stop?". The warrior replied, "Your actions worried my people, so I came to teach you a lesson, along with the tales of your strength that I've heard led me to you. Though I was certainly disappointed.". Upon hearing this, Sonotia suddenly had felt an emotion that he didn't recognize, all his life he had only felt an emptiness, but within the simplistic desire and words that the warrior had said to him...gave him a mix between multiple different feelings. Anger, dissatisfaction, and most imporantly, sympathy, for all of the lives he had taken as he stared at his blood spread across the field. These emotions had caused something to break within Sonotia, the built up karmic energy from those he had killed had formed a new mask onto him. This massive amount of strength easily overwhelmed Sonotia into a primal rage, as he easily overwhelmed the warrior he had quickly regained his senses before he could deliver the finishing blow. He had finally began to completely think about all of the people and youkai he had killed, what they must have felt before their deaths. Sonotia retreated, thanking the warrior for helping him finally see, and disappeared.

By the time Sonotia had resurfaced to the world he had not eaten any humans or youkai for over two centuries. His refusal to consume humans had made him fragile even to a youkai's standards, yet somehow keeping his immense destructive capabilities with him. He had invested most of his time learning about science, and chemistry, specifying into agriculture. His dream was to create another agricultural revolution where he could supplement the karmic gains of consuming a life through normal food. In order to achieve his goal, Sonotia had joined Xeiron Industries for their advanced technology and usages of FoF. After two years of joining Xeiron, Sonotia had met Mari, who given a similar feeling of the warrior he had fought many years before, eventually becoming close friends and having her become a Xeiron employee along side him, after learning of her ancestors and their brief history.


Sonotia is naturally stoic, being a Menreiki, as they cannot nessecarily show human emotions and must use their masks to display how they are feeling. He also has a crude sense of humor, which mostly revolves around his constant hunger due to the lack of actual eating. Which would cause Mari to learn how to cook exceptionally well, in hopes of at the very most sate his hunger even by a little. He enjoys looking at others emotions, trying his best to learn on showing emotions through examination and attempting at mimicking, often failing at completely expressing the face he wants.


The cracked white mask that Sonotia had obtained through the lives of those he had consumed. Causes exponential physical, mental, and spiritual stress to the user. Sonotia slowly but surely gains more and more control over his mask each time he uses it, but often stopped by Mari due to her worries, leading to him only using the mask as a trump card he rarely uses. Whenever Sonotia uses his Haniga mask, he either goes out of control or manages to control a significant amount of its strength to retain consciousness. Venve Haniga is the outcome of his power overwhelming him, he loses his Saliz and instead releases an exponential amount of energy to form claws around his arms instead. However nearly every attack he makes greatly hurts him, possibly killing him if used improperly. However, if he manages to control himself, then he will enter Saliz Haniga. Keeping his naginata, along with the same form of risks as Venve Haniga, except less. He also obtains a more advanced moveset compared to his original one,


He doesn't nessecarily wield his naginata constantly, since it's a manifested weapon, it only appears whenever hes using an attack that requires the usage of it.


His masks give minor stat ups/downs, the damages on the mask attacks are pre adjusted accordingly to how they are with these changes.

All melee attacks have 50 HP lifesteal

Base: Nothing lmao.

Ko-omote: +HP Regen (20%), -100 HP

Fox: +100% Lifesteal, -100 damage

Raiden: +15 speed, -50 HP

Hyaana: +250 damage, -HP Regen (25%)

Uba: +100 damage, -10 speed

Name Description Damage Cooldown
Mask Change (Q) Sonotia forces his one of his masks onto him, changing his R attack (Base>Ko-omote>Fox>Raiden>Hannya>Uba) Each mask that is used is worn on the face, and at base they're just floating around. Unknown 2.5 seconds
(LMB) Slashes his naginata for high damage 350 1.5 seconds
(E) Sonotia fires a constant barrage of bullets for low damage 100 10 seconds
Emotion Surge (R)

Sonotia performs a fast dash in front of him, then following up with large energy orbs erupting behind him with both dealing medium damage. (Attacks change depending on mask).


Sonotia punches the ground, erupting six fire pillars in front of him (Spacing between pillars depends on mouse location, middle of screen = more centered further away from middle = wider

Fox Charges towards the nearest enemy with white after images following him, doing fast consecutive slashes for medium damage
Uba Erupts a large teal AoE pillar under an enemy, and drags them upward for massive damage, while sacrificing half of his total HP.
Raiden Dashes forwards, leaving multiple lighting eruptions behind him while shooting out lightning, each doing low damage while giving himself a temporary massive speed buff for 5 seconds.
Ko-omote Fires small green homing bullets, dealing low damage but heals him and allies nearby per hit.

300 (Normal)

750 (Hyanna)

150 (Fox)

700 (Uba)

150 (Raiden)

100, 20 HP heal (Ko-omote)

30 sec. (Hyaana)

10 sec. (Fox)

20 sec. +20 speed (Raiden)

1 sec, five maximum (Ko-omote)

Monkey Possession (F) Buffs his LMB to cause AoE ranged attacks, lowers his LMB cooldown and increases his damage greatly, and grants a small mitigation from attacks (20%) for 30 seconds.


1.5x damage

45 seconds
Emotion Extract (Z) Sonotia extracts the strength of his masks and puts it elsewhere, dealing 20 damage to himself, goes as fast as you can press the key with a 1/64th chance of activating Venve Haniga for two minutes. 50 self damage 0 seconds

Venve Haniga

Plays a nice screaming audio upon activation.

Removes his current mask buff, increases his speed by 15, increases his HP by 400, decreases HP regen by 75%.

Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Haniga's Devastator (Q) Sonotia charges up his pistol for five seconds, eventually releasing a large energy blast for insane damage while damaging himself for almost all of his HP. 1000

90% of max HP

10 seconds
(LMB) Sonotia fires off multiple high damaging shots from his pistol, while draining his HP.


20 HP drain per second

Click and hold, 5 second cooldown
(E) Sonotia quickly charges up, releasing a shockwave cannon for medium damage while becoming slightly stronger each consecutive use (stacks disappear after 10 seconds), however he damages himself by 50 HP each use. 150 damage (Base) 5 seconds
(R) Sonotia performs a fast punch with his left arm for high damage, if he hits, then he gains a 25% HP regen and 30% damage buff for 10 seconds.


20 seconds
Oni Monkey Possession (F) Sonotia jumps into the air, and then quickly crashes back down, releasing multiple large shockwaves infront of him for high damage, while damaging himself for 20% of his current HP. 600 per hit 45 seconds
Spirit Consumption (Z) Sonotia performs a singular swipe for high damage, stunning with huge knockback to opponent for 8 seconds as Sonotia quickly jumps back and begins to eat from his claws for 10 seconds, after eating, he will gain moderate permanent stat boosts.


+50 HP

+50 damage

50 seconds



  • Increase damage.
  • Decrease cooldown for all attacks.
  • Increase HP regen.

50/50/50: Sonotia gains the ability to use Shinikrou, only usable in his base form, and a white energy field around him that does small damage (100) which increases HP regen of him and allies touching the field.

Name Description Damage Cooldown
Shinikrou (Y) Sonotia disperses all his masks, which then erupts 10x its size under the enemy each dealing medium damage, Sonotia then erupts multiple pillars of naginatas under and around the enemy for low damage, then finishing by throwing his Haniga mask for insane damage, if the mask hits then he well get a moderate permanent damage boost.

200 (Masks)

150 (Naginatas)

2000 (Haniga)

+100 damage

80 seconds


Mari Belfor

Sonotia places a great deal of respect, and worry for Mari, his respect stems to her ancestors as well as her personal strength, with an equal amount of worry for her personality. Sonotia tries his best to help her improve herself as a way of thanking her ancestor for helping him see. He greatly enjoys her cooking, constantly improving each and every time she makes something for him, almost to a point where he can say that he feels less hungry than before. However sometimes their relationship has faults, as Sonotia is completely unaware of her feelings from time to time, be it love or overall stress in situations.

Sonotia is unsure about the existence of Suze, not sure if she is really an alternate persona as Mari portrays her as, or if she is an entirely different entity who joined Mari. Nevertheless, Sonotia gets the same feel from Suze as he does from Mari, giving her an immense amount of respect due to her mature nature and helpfulness on being with Mari in times where she cannot function well. However he worries about her usage of Jenezar, as it siphons emotions at a faster rate than Apprehension, feeling as if Mari could become an emotionless husk if abused.


  • He is a near carbon copy of Hata no Kokoro for obvious reasons.
  • His Y attack is based off of Touhou Shinikrou (HeartFabic Tower) ~ Hopeless Masquerade

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