Somia has a dead Teevee head, a body similar to Robot joe, and where's a suit.

Move set

Name Power Info Cooldown
Rifo's rip off gun. 90 The user shots a beam of yellow huge bullet Lazers, that he uses from his Rifo' rip off Lazer gun. (left click) none
Power Drive 100 The user shots a yellow spike at the foe. (E) 1
Power wall 90 The user shots a yellow wall at the foe. (R) 1
Death 1000 "Have you stair death in the face? Have you felt death touch you? You don't know death until' you know it." The user brings the foe(s) close to him, then, shoots a beam of light at it/them. (F) ten minutes


Somia's story is very unknown. But, we know only this about him: he was born and raised In Studdton. He had a normal family, normal life, until', and unknown man, killed his parent, kid napped him, and experimented on him. For 16 years straight complete, pain.. Then, just some how, he snapped, broke everything around him, and, well, he was invited to join the spiders by Siam. Other time, Siam and Somia became best of friends, and would put their life on the line for each other. They were great friends, nothing was breaking 'em.


Left click atk raise

Move's size raise.

ATK raise.


This took me three times to finish it because of some bull shit.

Since I couldn't make an model for Cod, I just did this.

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