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Solim Terpetra is created by alexdavid4 [Alliazu for wikia]. He is currently a member of the Outcast.


Solim has a lush green slick hair, wearing a mask and shoulder pauldrons with horns. He also wears a black suit with a green undershirt.

Moveset (Both)

Key Desc DMG CD

Mounts a golem made out of dirt and rocks. The golem has it's own health, which is used to replace Solim's health. If his golem crumbles (dies), Solim will be on it's official stats displayed on the Character Box. The golem only respawns every act finishes, so if his golem dies, he cannot gain a second golem on the same act, no matter what.

The golem has it's own stats.

  • 920 Health
  • 8 Walkspeed
  • 85% Knockback resistance
  • Cannot regen life/accept any healing from others except F skill
Nones None
Q Create a new golem out from the ground that his standing on. Only activates after the current act is finished. None None

Moveset (Golem)

Key Desc DMG CD
LMB Punches foward, doing a 3x combo. Each punches has a 0.6 seconds delay, and inflict great knockback. 130 Dmg 0.5 Seconds
E Slams it's both fist onto the ground, creating a small fissure of rock spikes on the ground around him. Also knockbacks again. 220 Dmg 4 Seconds
R Grabs a piece of itself and throws it onto mouse location. Sacrafice 1/9 of it's max health. Also knockbacks, again. 175 Dmg 3 Seconds

Stops at one place and plants his two fists onto the floor to suck up nutritions from the ground. Heals himself a little and a temporary damage buff based on how much you stayed still. Pressing F again to stop. When healing, cannot perform any attacks/skills.

None 8 Seconds

Moveset (Solim Terpetra) [After the Golem dies]

Key Desc DMG CD
LMB Sends up a piece from the ground and fires them onto mouse location. Slight knockback. 40 Dmg 0.45 Seconds
E Dashes foward, doing absolutely nothing but just to escape. None 6 Seconds
R Forms a wall of stone, then fires by scattering them into 4 projectile bits. Each bits deals damage. Oh and sweet! No knockback! 75 Dmg each projectile 3 Seconds
F Take a bunch of pieces from the ground and launches upwards. Shortly, rains 8 pieces of dirt. 60 Dmg each projectile 6 Seconds


  1. Increase the health of himself and the golem.
  2. Increase the size and damage of all of his ranged skills. Excluding golem's R skill.
  3. Increase speed slightly on both golem and himself

50/50/50: Golems now can be respawned every 2 minutes instead of each act.

Moveset (As a boss)


  • Extremely slow, yet have a very high health.
  • Punches nearby players.
  • Slams the ground, creating a devastating earthquake. It also shakes your screen.
  • Throws rocks and sometimes unaware players.
  • Does a high leap and slams down creating large spikes from the ground rise in front of him.
  • Spreads its arm out and helicopters towards a nearby player. While hovering, increases its speed until he lands.
  • If defeated, goes to Solim himself.

Solim himself:

  • Rapidly fires dirt and rocks towards the nearest player.
  • Rises a slightly smaller spikes from the ground in front of him.
  • Creates a wall of stone, then shatters into 12 bits.
  • Drops boulders onto player's heads.
  • Yes, hes apparently more faster, yet more weaker health.

Method of unlocking him

  1. Find a restless stone sculpture of a golem somewhere ingame
  2. Can be destroyed with any Narukami characters
  3. After destroyed, the next act will activate the secret act of fighting him
  4. After the fight, he decides to join you


He was born on a local village in the middle of a sacred forest. Due to the fear of his earthy powers, he was exiled and placed in the other side of the forest in the age of 4. He successfully created his first golem on the age of 8, protects him from predators and other hazards around the forest.The golem grew stronger every year until in the age of 17, where he found a group named, "Outcast" camping in the forest. There are only around 8 members in that time. He decided to join them later on. (Before the Fear Arc)

(Brief summary of a cringy backstory idk. ;l)


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