Duckies are waifu
Buttoon E.E Moove Attack Cooldown
Lmb Pew Shoot a fast mooving bullet for 100 damage 100 1
E Thirstyyy Drink Ice Tea foor 200 hp 10
R Cube life Shoot a cube, whoever gets hit by the cube takes -50 damage -50 5
F Wheee take your gun and shoot the ground, boosts yourself in the air 0 3
Q DB fanon wiki I hope you all know this is a joke, end even if its actually bought in (which it probably wont) yall just get angery


Increase damage

Increase Healing

Increase max hp


even tho you can buy it and still have it im still making a banlist cause why not xd

Whoever put the duck as the picture

it is my religion and if you disagree you should die - Sodong

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