Sir Nybegynder, Classical Noob

Sir Nybegynder, though having the appearence of a noob, is the oldest member of the N-Force. He's extremely tanky and has a good amount of support, though lacking in damage.


Sir Nybegynder wears rather classy wear, such as a black and white tophat & bowtie, other then that, not much to mention other then the aformentioned noob appearence.


Sir Nybegynder acts rather mature despite him being a noob, but has that awkward speaking quirk that doesn't allow him to use either ; : . , ? or !, and randomly, an entire part of his speech will be hashtagged out.


Name Key Descripton Damage Cooldown
A shame, Isn't it? Q When activated Sir Nybegynder will pull out his trusty Noob hammer, and short laughter. None 1 Use (Activation)
Nothing New. LMB Swing your hammer 3 times before smashing it into a ground for a small AoE pulse for high damage. Hammer Swing = 25, AoE = 250 1.23 Seconds
Past and Present. E Create multiple green pillars that heal allies. If an enemy touches it, up to 1.5% of his HP will be taken off and healed towards allies. 1.5% of Enemies HP. 8.5 Seconds
Time Machine. R Create an orb around yourself that has 800 HP. Touching allies gives them a 50 HP shield that deletes projectiles until out of HP. None Lasts 7 seconds-ish, 27 second cooldown
The power at my hands. F Throw your hammer up into the air, before a massive version of the same hammer crashes down onto the ground, creating a massive AoE Explosion. 950 45 Seconds


Increase base HP.

Note: Increases by 15 Every point.

Increases base speed SLIGHTLY

Note: At 50/50/50, His speed will only be normal robloxian speed, which is 16.

Decrease base cooldowns.

Note: Decreases by 0.3 seconds every 1 point.


Noobington was always like this. He was born with a rare virus that makes him an eternal noob. Due to this, he was an outcast to society, with only the loving support of his family to keep going. Going threw the whole education process was a nightmare for him due to the massive amounts of bullys and people who just consistantly try to get rid of him. He wasn't always getting in trouble, but rather uses as a scapegoat. Due to this, it was basically like going threw hell. Then one day, he met someone. Who's long dead. Because one reason: Sir Noobington is essentially "Immortal" due to the eternal noob (Youth) curse. Because of this, he's still here to this day...

Though one day, while on school grounds, he met someone. This persons name was "Mr.Wise". He offered him something. He said this to Sir Noobington: "Would you like to join us on our adventure." Simply put, Sir Noobington joined. Not much happened from then on. Though, he's still not very happy with his life, at least he has people who (probably) are going threw the same thing as him.

I just half assed an entire backstory because i hate actual backstories.


(The Label thing is buggy for me.)

Noob Jamar

Despite them not being related, Noob Jamar just calls him Grandpa.


  • He's roughly 95 years old.
  • He really fucking likes domino rally. Like, really, REALLY likes domino rally.
  • Due to Venon's request i changed the name. I ran out of ideas and jamar gave me the "Google translate it" so i did. And now he's Sir Nybegynder. Aaaa.