"I see I see, Challenging me to a duel huh?"
-Sir Guillester, taunting his enemies.

Sir Guillester is an OC for Devil Beater.


Sir Guillester wears all black and white clothes, he dons a black and white mask to cover his eyes.


Sir guillester was a normal teenager person as usual. Until he found a very addictive game. He tried it and got so addicted to it he barely would talk to his parents.

One time his parents were tired of him playing that game so they hid his computer somewhere very secretly. Sir Guillester was freaked out and just... jumped out of the window and ran off.

And got magical powers i guess i dont know :U.

Move Set

Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Divine Style Spin infront of you for a short amount of time for medium damage. 150 1 second.
E Geometry Gameplay Shoot 2 homing cubes at the enemy to self-destruct dealing high damage each explosion. 400 10 secs
R Dual UFO's Create 2 UFO's to chase the enemy and repeatadly bash into the enemy for low damage each. This effect lasts 5 seconds. 50 (each bash) 15 secs.
F 2 Player Create an exact replica of yourself to do the same attacks as you every once in a while. The replica has infinite hp and lasts 15 seconds. Same Damage as other attacks 1 minute.








  • Sir Guillester is based off of a geometry dash youtuber, SrGuillester.
  • He also has other geometry dash youtubers as his relation ships except weird joke names.
  • His R and F are based off his very popular layout called "Freedom Dive". Ironically (i think) His theme song is Xi - Freedom dive.