Siflina Lentashin is an OC for Devil Beater.


Siflina is a young adult that wears a white ushanka that covers her black hair. She also wears black glasses and a purple trenchcoat. Her weapon of choice is a ball of acid infused with haze.


Key Description Damage/Buff Cooldown
(Passive) Acid Reflux When Siflina does damage, acid leaks out of her body for 3 seconds. The acid does low damage over the period of 5 seconds. 90 None
(LMB) Ball o' Acid Throws a ball of acid forward that does low damage. 100 1.3 seconds
(E) Clean Shatter Pulls out a flask full of acid, throwing it down at the ground, shattering it and doing medium damage. 220 8 seconds
(R) NG Code Throws a bracelet forward, which locks onto the wrist of the enemy that was hit by it. Acid will then slowly eat away at the enemy for medium damage. 255 14 seconds
(F) Leakage Acid starts leaking out of Siflina, creating a glowing ball of acid. She then thrusts it forward like a hadoken, doing high damage to enemies hit by it. 305 23 seconds


Siflina is a rather twisted person, using her acid powers as a way of interrogation and torture. However, when with the other Vrahli members, her twisted personality doesn't show, and instead is replaced with a determined personality.


Siflina was a scientist that worked under the command of a group of kidnappers. Her primary purpose was to create acids that had special properties. However, an unfortunate confrontation from an unknown mafia caused the group of kidnappers to flee. Siflina however, wasn't so lucky. She grabbed a vile of clear acid and ran of just like the rest. However, when she drank it, she started vomiting and going insane, before passing out. Weeks later, she woke up, staring down a guy with a fedora and a white shirt with a large black Z on it. Little did she know, that guy would be her future leader. (STILL WIPPP-)


  • Vrahli Division: She's the Haze member of the group, so she's somewhat related to everyone.
  • Satellario Stardust: She thinks lowly of him, and doesn't believe that he's mute. Every now and then, Siflina has the temptation to just start throwing acid at Satellario, just to make him say something, and prove to everyone that he is not mute.


  • Siflina is part of AlexiosZ's Vrahli Division.